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Mumbai for Maharashtrian’s only?

mumbai gate way of indiaMumbai is a cosmopolitan city and everybody has a right to stay there, be a part of its culture and do what they feel like doing. Mumbai is not only for Maharashtrians but for everybody who wants to be the part of hip hop Mumbai culture. However, there are political sentiments cornered by some political parties who consider Mumbai as their own private property. And this very thinking gives them the opportunity to hold everything to ransom for their own menial attitude.

While in Mumbai, you can enjoy exploring traditional cuisines, continental sea food, and Mumbai styled food and much more. There are South Indian and Maharashtrian snacks available in the local restaurants which one can taste, and feel relished. Dosas, such as, Sada dosa, Rava dosa, Masala dosa etc., besides, Mumbai Special Pani Puris, Batata Vada and much more – Mumbai has everything stored for everybody.

Mumbai is not for Maharashtrians, it is for everybody. India is a secular country and every state has secular character stored in it. Whether, you are a Bengali, or a French, or a German, Mumbai gives retreat to people from all ethnicities and walks of life. Mumbai is the place where Bollywood resides, and it is where fun and frolic happens all day and night.

The staunch Mumbaikars still feel that Mumbai belongs only to them, and not to the whole of India. In such a scenario, a separate interest group is created wherein; they try to dictate their own credos and societal thinking resulting in hegemony. And with political fanatics entering the scene, a new taste is created. The situation of Mumbai also circulates on the same socio-politico histrionics. The latest debate that emanates from the root of the politics is that Mumbai is the citadel for Marathis, and nobody else, Indian or foreigner, has the right to stay for long. And for those who stay, the staunch mumbaikar fanatic group owes natural responsibility to throw them out of Mumbai in particular and Maharashtra in general. For one moment, if somebody considers the social structure and demography of Mumbai, there are 67.39% Hindus, 18.56% Muslims, 5.22% Buddhists, 3.72% Christians, 0.58% Sikhs, and rest of the population comprises Parsis and Jews.

With such diversity in the population dynamics, you can get a fair view about the social structure of Mumbai. Talking of Mumbai, it is the place where many film personalities of today started their career. All of them came to Mumbai from different states and ethnic frameworks. Talking in context of generality, Mumbai is for people who want to enjoy life and become growingly rich as the scintillating and vibrant town has plenty to provide.

For those who think that Mumbai is just not the place to live for Non Maharashtrians, certainly have BIG mental blocks in their minds, and for which such people should bear that Mumbai is an integral part of India, and first of all, all Maharashtrians are Indians. Isn’t this is a logic? And if this is logic, everything else that goes out of it is illogical!


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7 Responses

  1. If this remains the logic of people who call themselves Marathis, that other states have varied kind and more natural resources. Then I would like to bring in your kind notice to study the geography first and then make any comments. Maharashtra is endowed with one of the longest coastline in India, isn’t it the natural resource? Maharashtra has great cotton soils, aren’t they natural resource? There are other minerals as well. Now if you say that only Mumbikars should be rightfully the beneficiaries of these natural resources then god help you. What do you think the reasons of India being in the present state? It is only due to globalization due to which we could access the latest technologies and sold our items abroad. Had we been confined to our geographical area only, neither India nor Mumbai would have such status. Even after that fanatics say that we should stop inter-country movement. The highest no. of labors come from Bihar, Jharkhand and other eastern states since they get opportunities here. Had there been no opportunities or only maharashtrian would be available to fulfill needs of labor requirement, why would people travel so far to earn some money?. Come out of narrow minded approach, if you cant utilize what you have , let others do.

  2. I want to explain my oponion on the issue of mumbay is only for maharashrian.Is there are only marathi indusrialist? Is there are only Marathi cinema there? Is there only Marathi Bussinessmen ?
    If answer is Yes then there is no right for other state persons to live there and if answer is NO then how Mumbay can progress without those person who blongs to other state of India? think and say Jai Hind not only Jai Maharashtra

    thank you pleses send somthing or wisit on

  3. Mumbai is the city for maharastra only and Maharastra is developed because of maharastrian only. there are so many states in india, they are very rich by natural resources as compare to maharastra. why the people of that state try to develop their own state. Bihar, Jharkhand are very rich by natural resources. but without concentrating on their own state they immegrate to mumbai & spoil the whole mumbai & maharastra. CM of jharkhand “KODA”, he did Rs4000/- crores of scam. but his intention is not to develop his own state.

    Maharastra gave “101 hutatma” to be mumbai is the part of Maharastra. People should respect their feeling

    Jai Maharastra

  4. Anita is right. Madhya Pradesh’s CM also descends from Maharashtrian roots (the Chouhans). And so is Rajasthan’s (Raje’s). And so was Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi (both descended from Maharashtrian Brahmins settled in Kashmir). During the Maratha period, these Marathas were everywhere and mixed with the population. They should check the history first.

  5. You put it very correctly.These politicians for their personal benifits do all these types of nonsense.They are poisioning the minds of people.When we say globalization and Global citizens these felows want to take us into the era of barbbarians for their self gain.Here KCR is also trying to emulate.

  6. Staunch Mumbaites,rather the blind politicians should realize that other states, particularly Madhya Pradesh is full of maharishtrians. God forbid, that insinuated by th the happenings of Maharashtra, other states too will start alienating the maharashtrians. And then their condition too may become like what happened to every Asian/muslim after the 9/11 case.
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    • Anita, you quoted very correctly that if the politicians in Mumbai are so much proud to be Marathi’ees then gradually people will start treating Maharashtrians like these politicians are treating the people of Other States in Maharashtra. So to no point they are brainwashing people to indulge in a kind of rage that is showing it’s colors everyday in the form of violent activities.
      We respect all languages and all religions, that is why it is India. Start thinking people, you’ve got brain.