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Michael Jackson – A Lesson..

mjMichael Jackson, one of the greatest performers on stage is dead!

MJ sculpted his own death inch by inch. He fell victim to his own bubble or probably the bubble that entertainment and industry created for him.

Once the love and affection of people on a celebrity becomes a commodity that is traded in the market, ‘investors’ become interested in that love and affection, kick-starting a hype bubble, which ultimately swallows the celebrity, while raining cash for ‘investors’.

MJ sculpted his own death inch by inch all along his life. Marketing Spin-doctors who made money on MJ’s music and brand may call it perfection of work. Poor MJ. For all the perfection of his work, he died a debtor. All the imperfect souls around him, who made money on him, who egged on MJ to achieve perfection, continue to live happily and are financially free.

Here are some verses for Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson, we miss you

More than the soft-drink that set your hair on fire
We loved you; your music’s flavor

More than the prosthetic clip that bridged your nose
We loved you; your body flows

More than the feminine look and feel of your figure
We loved you; your voice’s vigor

More than all the color, sound and the dirty theatrics
We loved you; your rhythmic mix

Michael Jackson we miss you!

Few years back Anna Nicole Smith died at young age. When Anna Nicole Smith died, I wrote these verses for her. Many of it is applicable to MJ.

Dear Anna Nicole Smith
The world calls you a myth
Of American dreams and passions
For Fame, Fortune and Fashion

You were blossoming and still a bud
When you grafted on your love and wed..
Germinating directly to parenthood
Growing your own roots, alone you stood!

Life is a journey not easy to ride
When swimming against the tide
You left nothing on you to hide
To seek a life of glory and pride…

Male hormones fed on the sight of your curves
Media Barons fed on the stress on your nerves
The world watched on TV with glee
The pain of your life and its reality

All through the life u had fought
I wish and hope you got what u sought
Let your kid live with ease!
Let your thoughts give us peace!

We all, Convicts of our thoughts
Judges not; Judge her not!
In every life, there is a lesson
Learning it is called as ‘evolution’.

Yes. Though we are not here to judge other’s lives, we all need to learn lessons from other’s lives. Otherwise we would have failed the evolution.

For MJ success was more important than life. In everything he did, he demonstrated it.

In the society he lived, everything including human life and values are invested, marketed, traded and success evaluated in terms of money. So MJ was another blue-chip stock option that had to perform. He was twisted, tweaked and tortured to achieve success. And MJ went along with it.

But today we need to tell our kids. It is all wrong. It simply doesn’t work

Sorry MJ. What you did, It is all wrong! Though we miss you, you are not the model for us.

We love you Michael Jackson for sure.

But we need to teach our kids, Life is much much more important than just success.



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36 Responses

  1. I dont agree. You have to be this different to be this genius. That is why we cant make it extra high. Living beyond 50 years without doing special is worse than living for 40 years doing that extra.

  2. Michael Jackson was not MTF. He was mentally sick because of his father’s poor ways of upbringing. He was emotionally disturbed, did not have male role models,and needed a psychiatrist. but he was neither mad nor paedohpile or anything. Proper treatment can cure all sexual desires but our society lacks such support systems for the mentally unfortunate.

  3. Ahmed,
    There is nothing of homosexual or heterosexual in brain or body. It is just an individual’s choice or desire, something which he wants more. If a girl hates or fears men, she will love women, what’s wrong in that? Why don’t u men first reform ur own habits like tendency to rape or sexually harass women? Reform yourselves, then,women will respect u and not become lesbians.
    Also,why dont u let people do what they want? It’s not that GLBTs are coming to your home and making you have sex with them or making u gay?
    Why u dont mind ur own business?

  4. And I dont think he has hormonal issue as he is perfect male from outside. He has more hair than most guys, his mind is problem for sure. He has not got good amount of male love and so, ow he says, he feels insecure as male and sexualizes males.

  5. Your advice sounds good but I doubt how someone can start hating something just by reciting slokas repeatedly like “I am man, want a woman etc”.
    But really, have u seen a case where it was successful? Then, I am ready to give it a try.

  6. LGBT needs no shock treatment to be cured as it is not mental disease or any loose moral- it is born out of deprived parental or peer love and Jackson was one typical example.
    Such a thng needs to be addressed through stress reducing exercises and making the person feel more secure and happy with his gender. It is not a brain defect.

  7. Ahmed,
    My parents know why LGBT exists, so they are not sad I have lesbian fantasies, I told them long long back. U dot know how people get homosexual feelings, so u wud b sad 2 know dat there r many ppl from ur own community who have gay feelings.

  8. Dear Tuli,

    If he does not want to be gay, then he can divert his attention, get some work in a far off place and change the environment and do mantra japa there and regulate his mind and get involved in some work where he diverts his mind.

    This would definitely address the problem, if mind is his problem.

    Still I would suggest check what his problem is. He may simply have a harmonal imbalance issue and that may need to be treated chemically.

    I know some people who practise auto-suggestion and use that technique to even get chemical changes in the body. I don’t know how it works for them, though I don’t believe in it.

    He can practise auto-suggestion technique as follows:

    1. Do the mantra japa as I mentioned in my article on Sublimating the sex drive.

    2. Replace the mantra with a phrase that makes you dislike gay sex.
    Like “I am not gay” or “I am a man. I want a woman” or anything else.

    3. This type of mantra-japa becomes a deep embedded thought and I have seen atleast in one case where it even induces chemical reactions.

    And I am serious not joking.


  9. I have made my son only study and study from childhood.He always came first in class but he does not play any sports. He studies overnight and on some days doesn’t even sleep. He has also become gay.
    I know it was my mistake to never let him get involved in co-curricular activities. But can I do something to rectify my child, TheThnkBig?

  10. Michael Jackson was an MTF transsexual who raised her voice pitch high in order to appear more like a woman. She loved male bodies and she did not have any negative egoism. She was just a depressed woman in a man’s body.

  11. And pls learn goog english before commenting ahmed. It took me a couple of mins to get what u wanted to say. (“thought” in place of “taught”)….

    • typing mistake isnt a big1 .wat abt ur abnormal,sick,brain .i can learn to type.but u need shock get back in normal condition u lgbt are worst creatures on earth wit no values no morals .plz can u tell me 1 good moral tat u hav learned frm ur sad they will be when they will come to know tat ur lgbt.

  12. Ahmed, it’s not only me who has dirty thoughts. The only thn is that I am more vocal and frank woman.
    Just because u ppl dismiss uncommon people with uncommon desires, we have lost an idol like Jackson so early.
    Look at many other modern women- Madonna, Britney Spears,Jolie….
    Look at modern woman life-b modern.
    Your comment on my character casts a slur on these intellectual gals too. I beg u 2 thnk b4 making biased comments.
    You seem to be too much subjective on sexual matters.

  13. I don’t exactly agree with Minu’s sex tolerance. But then bring up some psychological counselling for those who have anomalous sexual fantasies. Dont just dismiss them as perverts or fantatics, for, if you do that, they will become all the more depressed and jackson was one such victim who needed psychological therapy desperately.
    Some anomalous sexual fantasies occur because of some normal human needs of affection,bonding etc. These need to be addressed and redressed through therapies.

  14. Dear Minu,

    Your comments endorsing sex with kids is an affront to humanity. It spoils the beautiful and innocent present life of kids as well as their future and hence the future of mankind.

    There could be no sex with kids. It could be only rape. And it has to be condemned and punished in strongest possible terms.


  15. I dont get what makes you say that talented people have negative sides which sometimes bloat up. I again request TheThnkBig to explain this line clearly.

  16. But Jackson would obviously never rape children in order to get his pleasure. He would seek out a consenting partner for sex, only that his partner would be a child. It never happens that love is one-sided. A child who would like being kissed and cuddled by Jackson would be an ideal partner for him. I don’t see where force comes here.

    • minu exactly wat r u homosexual bisexual trans gender or rapist .truly on earth theres no girl or women having nore dirty thoughts than u.u r a dirty spot on white clothes of modest women

    • plz have some shame evenin commenting. i wonder what pleasant manner s ur parents thought u.too much go to mental hospital

  17. Dear Minu,

    Most stupid comment I have seen, frankly.

    If everything is genetic, there is nothing to be regulated, no laws are required, robbery should be allowed, killings need not be worried about and let the physically strongest win.

    In fact I am sure you can’t even enjoy sex in that way. If you want to really enjoy sex with its peaks and pleasures, one partner has to wait for another partner. Since no control is practised, there can only be rape of partners and no real sex.

    Is this what you want..?


    • minu u r mad.u mean ne1 can sex ne 1 if the wish.ppl shall be modest .plz i beg u dont say if ur mad of sex everyting is not genetics.

  18. Michael Jackson was a paedophile and he wanted to sleep with children. If he was allowed to do so by society, he wouldn’t have fallen into depression and never taken drugs.
    This is why I say that if human lives are valuable, let them do what they want, so that they are happy with life. Their desires are genetic, so cant be changed.

  19. “Sometimes genius people act cranky and self-destructively, particularly when the negative side of their ego bloats up. MJ seems to be one of them.”

    I did not understand this line you have written in the above comment. Could you please explain a little bit further?

  20. Dear Jai, Sweety, Sabrina

    Thanks for ur comments. I am not sure if MJ is a pedophile or not. Or if he is a gay or lesbian etc. These are his personal choices and i have no opinion to offer.

    Sometimes genius people act cranky and self-destructively, particularly when the negative side of their ego bloats up. MJ seems to be one of them.

    Regarding these terms like born homosexual or born pedophile, I doubt such things are possible. Even if they are possible, with whatever knowledge we have currently, we can say they are like birth defects or malignancy. They need not be glorified and regularized.


  21. Dear Victor

    Thanks for ur comments


  22. I agree with Sabrina.
    There is simply nothing called a born homosexual or paedohpile. The thing is MJ had huge money,and he went for plastic surgeries to get a nose he wanted, I think of some fairy tale character. In fact when i get so much money and I discard all humanity, I might as well desire to lead a second life as a beautiful woman or something. Human desires are infinite and so desire cannot be termed a disease.
    The plain simple fact is MJ dies of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

  23. There is one Dr. Bailey who really says MJ was a born pedophile- that he had an inborn sexual orientation of being sexually attracted towards children and teenagers. I really don’t understand what they mean by a “born pedophile” or a “born homosexual” sometimes.
    If so many people are born abnormal in the West, aren’t similar numbers born “abnormal” in India or other cultured nations? How are these people managing without plastic surgeries then?
    So ridiculous.

  24. Some fantasic medical researchers in the West have once again begun demonstrating that MJ was a wannabe trassexual who committed suicide due to dsevere internal conflicts. I have read many articles in the internet which say he MJ was a woman in a man’s body and was a gay who was teribly disturbed by his male life though everything else he got.
    Some say he was a pedophile and wanted to share his bed with children. Since he couldn’t do that, he remained frustrated always after marriage. They cite MJ’s plastic surgeries as evidence of his inborn conflicts.
    These researchers want to claim that MJ had an inborn disorder in his brain wiring, so ultimately out of severe depression, he succumbed to suicide.
    I really condemn these Western researchers. They mean to support over-indulgence in everything saying desires are inborn, can’t be controlled.

  25. i reallyremember to michal jokson
    really great

  26. Dear Tej Pratap

    Thanks for ur comments.


  27. dear jack
    hope that you once again will come on the earth to fullfill
    your unsuccessful misson.
    you are really great.

  28. Dear DoN

    Thanks for ur comments. Is it the hallmarks of a genius..? I am not sure.

    Dear Mobi

    Thanks for ur comments. Yes most appropriate 2 words on MJ. Miss You.


  29. True but dats d way of a genius

  30. Wonderfully apt – Just 2 words.

    but we do miss him.. Loved the verses in particular