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Media of People or Power brokers..?

Media of the people for the people

Indian Television’s Important Question: Who goes to bed with whom..?

Is it right to love someone and marry somebody else..? Is it right to have pre-marital sex..? Is it right to have extra-martial relationship..?

In Indian Election 2009, these are the questions that are being discussed threadbare in all TV channels (the primary part of so called electronic media). Who goes to bed with whom is the question that interests all these channels.

What I don’t understand is, whoever goes to  bed with whom, how does it affect people..? Anyway who goes to bed with whom will be known in few days..? What are people’s issues..? When will people’s issues be known and talked about..?

When will there be a Television/electronic media of ‘us’ and not ‘them’ ?

No Indian Television Channel has actually gone to people, in particular to the small cities, towns and villages and asked them about their issues. After all Television rides on sponsorship of FMCG goods consumed in the Urban market and that too by the middle and upper middle class urban consumer.

But I think the sense of going rural and more towards people has to dawn on media also like their FMCG sponsors. Today most FMCG’s are targeting rural as their growth story. Similarly media has to go rural and most important to real people and not fake people who appear day in and out in front of cameras, hopping from channel to channel.

Do Issues really matter in an election..?

True. The results of these elections may not be strictly dependent on the issues that common people talk about. Every segment of the society has its own issues that are different from someone else. Hence there may be no single issue or set of issues that is going to decide this election in one way or other.

True. There is no leader who can get all these issues combined and project it to people as a function of some underlying major poll-plank. If there has been a leader, probably media would have fallen head over heels either in propping such a leader or stopping such a leader.

Today we have a large number of redundant jokers appearing before television cameras and discussing same insipid things over and over again and running like a horse in a circus. And we have the same set of anchors who ask the same stupid questions that no one knows the answers for and trying to extract something controversial.

Still, I have one request to all these channels, anchors and correspondents.

Please look beyond your nose

Please for the nation’s sake, pan your cameras to a distant. Take a look at real people and not the fictitious people, who have no relationship with common man or his issues. Mostly these people, who are made for Television, come in the guise of ‘experts’, ‘analysts’ or even sometimes called ‘observers’ or parented to a political party or a media fraternity.

Are these media fraternities, ‘experts’, ‘analysts’, ‘observers’, political party spokesmen, secretaries are the ones who will decide the election..?

The problem with the television media is that they don’t understand India. Today Televisions may be there in nook and corner of India. But people of India don’t get influenced by Television unlike their counterparts in America or Europe.

People of India do not vote based on the populist opinion created or sustained by the media.


Media of People not Power brokers

It is not that Indians are extremely intelligent. It is not even that Indians are extremely diverse in nature.

It is simply that the television media they see has no relationship with them or their daily life. It is simply that people and issues that are talked about in television media are far removed from most people’s day to day life and issues.  Common people don’t bother about media or factor the media image in their voting perception at all, as media does not reflect them.

So if Television media need to strengthen its hold, it has no other choice but to travel deep inside people and has to be a real media of people, instead being the media of celebrities, power brokers and puppets.

The other option is for an alternate media to emerge on mobile phones and computers that really connects people and represents them, rather than a media that is just a selling channel.



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