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Maggi Pizza

Maggi Pizza

Maggi Pizza

Well, Maggi Pizza is another weird recipe from my kitchen. I am a novice cook but at the same time a food lover. I love my food to be tasty all the time and cannot compromise on the taste. But at the same time due to by job responsibilities I have very less time to cook. So I try to make recipes out of the available ingredients in my kitchen. I have tried inmy own way to make the pizza healthy by adding as much vegetables as possible.So please take down the ingredients before starting to bake the pizza.

Ingredients for Pizza

Ingredients for Pizza

Ingredients :
1 packet Maggi (Masala Flavour),
Capsicum – 1 medium sized cut into small cubes,
Carrot – 1 medium sized,
Tomato – 1 small size cut into small cubes
Tomato Sauce – ½ cup,
Chicken cubes – 1 cup,
Pizza Base – 4 nos,
Grated Cheese – As per taste.

Method :
1) Cook the maggi as per instruction in the packet along with the masala along with all the vegetables and the chicken pieces. Make sure that the Maggie is neither very dried up not very watery.
2) The pizza base are half cooked pizza bread which are available in the market.
3) Take each pizza base and spread a spoonful of tomato ketch up over it.
4) Divide the Maggie prepared in 4 portions.
5) Spread each portion of Maggie over each pizza base.
6) Spread a few pieces of tomato over the maggi.
7) Top the pizza with grated cheese.
8 ) Bake the pizza at at 100% power for 5 minutes. Check the pizza after every 4-5 minutes to make sure that the pizza is not over cooked or under cooked.

Variation :
1) The above pizza is an entirely home made pizza and is made from the available ingredients in the kitchen.
2) Instead of tomato ketchup you can also use Pizza sauce available in the market.
3) I have deliberately used the readymade pizza base as available in the market as it reduces the task to make the dough for the pizza.
4) The dough can also be made at home and entire pizza can be made afresh.

To make the dough : (used instead of a pizza base)
For 4 medium sized pizzas :

1 & a half cup warm water
2 tsp – sugar
1 packet – active dry yeast
Salt as per the taste
4 tsp- olive oil(if you do not have olive oil then refined vegetable oil can also be used as a substitute)
4 cups – flour (wheat flour or bread flour )

Method :
o Mix water, sugar and yeast in a big vessel
o After 10 minutes, add salt, olive oil, and one cup of flour. Add one by one all four cups of flour and keep smashing it constantly.
o Mix it thoroughly. Make sure that the kneaded flour should be quite smooth. Use your palm to knead it well. Ensure it is neither dry nor sticky.
o Take little oil and smear it over the dough. Cover it with plastic sheet or wet towel. Place it in a warm place or in oven (switch –off).
o Leave it for 40 minutes. If the dough has raised double of its size, it is ready for shaping.
o Let it cool for sometime and shape the dough ball by tossing, turning, and spinning in a cloak wise rotation till it becomes flat and circular as required.

After the circular pizza base is made follow the steps from 4 – 8 as mentioned above to make the pizza. Make sure you bake for 10-15 minutes instead of 5 minutes as the pizza base is not cooked at all like ready made pizza base.


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3 Responses

  1. this is interest and wierd for sure…need to try this for sure

    thanks for sharing

  2. Long time back I used buy pizza topping sauces from maggi in delhi.I feel instead of tomato sauce the pizza toping from maggi may give Improved taste.

    • I agree.. that’s why I have mentioned that Pizza Sauce may be used instead of ketchup in the Variation Section. As I prepared the pizza just out of ingredients present in kitchen..I used ketchup.. If you have Pizza Sauce then obviously it will give more taste to the pizza.