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Loud Noise Attacks the Heart

loud noiseIf part of your daily job is hearing loud machines screeching, gears rolling, beepers ringing and other ear-splitting sounds, it is not just your hearing that you are damaging but also your heart. US scientist have recently found out that people who work in constant noisy environments up their risk of heart attacks 3 or 4 times more than others. This risk is especially prominent for people close to 50.

If you had a headache sometimes, you might have experienced that any external sound feels like someone hammering inside your head. There is actually a strong correlation between external noise and your health. Experts believe that noise is as strong an external stressor as extreme physical exertion or high emotions. Therefore, constant noise is as dangerous as any other shocking news you might hear or any extreme physical strain that may eventually lead to a heart attack.

Another finding of the research has been that if you hear loud noise continuously, you are stressed and that stress can lead you to snack on unhealthy food, smoke more and even miss out on workouts. All these can again combine to create more problems for the heart.

So how do you find out if your working environment is noisy or not and if you need to do something about it? Here is a guide. If any of the situations below apply, your work environment is definitely noisy.

  • For most of the working day there is constant chattering around you like a busy restaurant or a street.
  • Machines like vacuum cleaner, manufacturing machines etc. are always heard around the place you work.
  • You always have to raise your voice to speak to your colleagues at work because of the noise around you, even if they are just about a foot apart.
  • You work in an industry like construction, demolition, road work, metal work, wood work, plastic processing etc. which always have loud noise making machines.
  • Machines like detonators, guns, hammering, explosions etc. are sounds you hear every day.

While your employer too should adhere to noise control regulations, what you can do to lessen the effect of noise are,

  • Limit the time spent in noisy areas
  • Get ear protective gears. Sometimes simple cotton plug can reduce the amount of noise reaching your ears.
  • Ask your employer to use sound proofing around the machines or the work area.
  • Replace old machines with new less deafening variations. Also keep machines well serviced and oiled so that they produce less noise.
  • On a personal level, practice meditation and yoga that can help you remain stress-free inspite of long work hours and noise.

Loud noise is stressful. While you cannot quit your job just because of the noise, you can definitely take precautions to ensure that it does not affect your health.

Image Credit darkpatator via cc/Flickr


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5 Responses

  1. Our civilization is the loudest that has appeared on the planet for a long long time.
    But, as absolutely horrific the external noise that we impose on the world and ourselves, it is “simply” an expression of our civilization’s (that’s me and you) horrific internal noise. it is the noise of thought. more accurately, it is the noise created by highly unconscious and ignorant human animals (that’s me and you again) who identify with the thoughts and think that they are that. i mean “ignorant” in the sense of being in the dark regarding our own true nature.

    • May be the next step is to be aware of the noise and try to curb it as much as possible, both the internal and the external. Thanks for your comment Amir.

  2. Dear Atula Ji,

    Good article. What about the internal noise? The traffic jam and hooting created by the negative tendencies within the mind?

    • That is a very important point you have put across Chandrakant ji.
      The internal noise sometimes is the biggest hindrance and that has to be tackled with care. I know some of your articles on yoga provide the answer. yoga and meditation practice help relieve the inner conflict like no other medicine, or excercise.

  3. yes If we hear the loud noise it will attack to the heart
    why because means the noise hear first we get headacha. again it will attack to the heart
    continue we hear the loud sound it will attack
    this subjet close to my heart