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Logitech G19 Gaming Keyboard Review

Every gaming enthusiast uses a keyboard which serves his purpose according to his requirement and budget. Accordingly, there are a lot of keyboards to choose from which are custom-made just for gaming. Logitech is famous for manufacturing the best gaming peripherals. The G19 gaming keyboard is the best one ever made by Logitech. From the gaming keys to a colour LCD screen, the G19 has it all. There are several new features which catch the eye of the gamer. In this article, I review this keyboard.

Features and hardware

The G19 has sturdy keys and a 320×240 size LCD display over the keyboard. 11 different applications can be used on the screen. The LCD supports videos and digital photos. The screen displays time and system information in colour. Also, it can be used to watch videos, check your mail, view a slideshow of images and scan RSS updates. However, the number of apps which are colour specific is very less and the practicality of doing multiple things on the keyboard screen while gaming is very little, if not negligible.

There are a whopping 16 million colour options for the backlit keys and with macro recording capabilities, it can support five simultaneous key presses. The QWERTY spacing is the same as the earlier gaming keyboards made by Logitech. However, there are a few extra keys like those for volume and media control. The keys are specially designed so that their resistance to hits is high. There are two high powered USB 2.0 ports which work well when a mouse and a headset are plugged into it.

There are 12 programmable keys- the G-keys on the left edge by which macros, commands and shortcuts can be assigned. There is a provision of changing the macro settings as well as different profiles can be saved for different games. There are three different modes which mean effectively, there are 36 keys. Here, the G19 automatically selects the settings when a game is launched. The media keys, which are above the volume control keys; are small and the controls are placed here because of the colour LCD. Also, the volume control key is a scroll wheel with a rubber grip which requires multiple spinning to change the volume significantly. The G19 has 46 in-built PC games and four applications including a chat software for in-game chatting. Also, there is a software development kit that comes along with the G19.

Bottom-line- The Logitech G19 costs almost $200. Though there are various exciting features and a lot of improvements over the earlier G-series keyboards, the total capability and potential of the G19s concept are untapped. However, software developments will make this better and better and therefore, it is highly advisable that you wait for some more time before the price comes down and more software make this a must-have.


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