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Little Goldfishes as pet

For quite some time my son was asking for a pet. I was reluctant, because having had a dog earlier, I knew how much work it involved. The traning, cleaning, walks, vaccinations,and the most worrying part, leaving them back on holiday outings.Dog was out of question. Though truly speaking, leaving aside the practical part, even I liked having a pet at home.So after much thought, we agreed on fishes.On my son’s birthday, we brought home two little lively Gold fishes in a fish bowl.

They instantly became the centre of attraction of our small family.Placed in the dining room, we kept watching and talking to them. My son named them Goldy and Mini. Lovingly called Gol-min.The pet shop owner instructed us on the amount of food and how to clean the bowl.People too began sharing their experiences. Some said, bowl fish survive only for a month or two. Some said they survive maximum six months.Some said they cannot tolerate cold. I was a bit dissappointed and confused over my choice of keeping fish in bowl. I searched the internet for all possible information on Gold fish. Most said Gold fishes are very hardy, adapting, cold water fish, which may grow to a good 6-10 inches.They may also live upto 10 years. I felt relieved and happy, and wondered why people said only six months. But then almost all the sites also said, bowls are not good for any fish. Again disappointment!! Now what to do! I have already bought the bowl and kept the fishes in it.So lets see what happens.

As time passed I realized just like we gradually understand the typical needs of our children, or different requirements of different plants, by taking care of them daily, so is it with the fishes.With all the facts collected from internet and my experienced friends, every morning I would get and see whether they are alive. The first few days went like this.Every one told, overfeeding is harmful.But my fishes always seemed hungry. They would open their mouth and poke the bowl so much, whenever we went near, we felt pity and dropped some more food.Sometimes we found the fishes were not swimming, but simply floating. We thought they were sleeping or resting.But when this happened quite often we feared they must be having some problem. Now what to do? Back to the internet. They were not sleeping. They were floating because of overeating! Continuous floating problem can be fatal. So we stopped pitying the little ever hungry creatures and fed just one pinch twice daily, as prescribed.The floating problem now controlled, we keep counting the months. The maximum of six months is still a few days away.

I realised the importance of communication with the fishes too. Actually we were planning to go for a vacation. I was worried about the fishes. Will they survive in our absence,will they like the holiday food, won’t they feel lonely? The same problems surfaced that happened with dogs. I thought of keeping them with a friend. But dropped that idea too, thinking the fish may not like the new surrounding.Then its winter. Bowls cannot be heated, so we try to keep the house slightly warm.So many doubts were playing in my mind.We planned to test the holiday food. How long do they last and do the fishes like it. The fishes were okay and the food too lasted six days. But because we didn’t feed the fishes ourselves, they became a little aloof. Because of a family function we were often out too during this holiday food trial period. When we regained the routine of feeding daily we found the fishes were not reacting happily like before, when we came near the bowl. They did not like our looking at them. I felt bad. We again started talking to the fishes, wishing them good morning, good night everything. Again our fishes come happily poking their nose on the bowl whenever we go near.

Winter has set in and the water in the bowl is getting cooler.Whenever the fishes appear a bit lethargic, I panic. Bowl cannot have a heater. Wish they could wear sweaters like dogs! I thought of covering the mouth of the bowl with a plate. But that would again mean less oxygen supply.I personally dont like AC or heaters. So the best I could do is to keep the house warm with doors and windows shut.Right now they are fine. But its only december and temperatures will be lower in the coming month.Expecting anything to happen, I thought I should at least have a picture taken of my dear little first fishes.

Winter and vacation.Our dear little fishes!I don’t know exactly how many days they will survive.But…. My intution says, they will stay with us for a long-long time!

(For goldfish care, refer to article  ‘Care of fishes in bowl’ in the General category of Indianblogger.)


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