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Legalize Capitation Fee..

TimesNow carried out an ‘expose’ targeting the private medical colleges in TamilNadu. Their find : “Private medical colleges charge capitation fees ranging from 20-75 lakhs from students”. This is in violation of government rules and Supreme court order.

The minister of state of I&B ministry, whose college was one of the targets, immediately declined that he was the chairman of the college. What was his college till the day before, suddenly became somebody’s.

Can things become more un-realistic in India..?

It is a well-known fact all private engineering and medical colleges charge capitation fees (huge) for management quota admission.

It is a well-known fact that they carry out this in full contravention of Supreme court orders and Government rules and regulations.

It is a well-known fact that most of these colleges and universities are owned by politicians and central/state ministers.

It is a well-known fact that the black-money generated out of educational institutes far outstrips black-money generated from any other sources.

It is a well-known fact that such black-money collected often funds the election expenses.

It is a well-known fact that such black-money is what plays in the stock-market through traders.

It is a well-known fact that all the State and Central Ministers including the Prime Minister are aware of such black-money market thriving under their nose, but can’t do anything as either they are the beneficiaries or they need the backing of the beneficiaries.

So whom are we kidding..?

It is very clear that education in India is available only to rich and capable. The rich and capable only can afford domestic or international education to their kids.

There is an upper middle-class in India which sends their kids to tuitions and training centers through which they make their kids highly competitive. There is a rich class in India which sends their kids to higher education simply through money.

The real middle-class along with poor, in particular if they are dis-advantaged to send their kids to tuitions and training centers, cannot afford any quality education anywhere.
This is a plain fact.

Is it that we do not know about it..?

After all this expose, what did the Prime Minister do..? What did the UPA chairperson do..?  Can they touch their heart and say they believe what their minister said (that he is no longer the chairman of the college)..? Is not the trust that is running the college owned by him and his relatives..?

Whom are we kidding..? We are kidding ourselves..?

Instead Government should legalize Capitation fee in management quota for all educational institutions. They should fix and charge the Capitation fee themselves and provide admission into these Universities and Colleges through a central government administered methodology like PMT or AIEEE even for Capitation fee students. Probably a national entrance test for Capitation fee students with capitation fee collected by government and handed over to colleges after counseling.

The Capitation fee should be handed over to private Colleges and Universities as Central Funding. May be it can be tax exempted.

In this way Private Colleges and Universities will get money to develop their infrastructure and not to develop their patrons and at the same time merit also gets rewarded to some extent. And that money will not fuel the black-market activities.

Anybody listening..?



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3 Responses

  1. Dear Misenkiser,

    Read my blog carefully. I have written about a mid-way approach that combines the benefits of private sector and public sector approach in legalizing capitation fee.

    Dear Krishnan Bala,

    I think you are missing the point on critical need for private sector participation in education. I have talked about a mid-way approach that combines the best of both worlds.


  2. Today education has become a booming business thanks to the big barons who call the shots to supply a huge demand.As the Government is unable to fund all the institutions it is quite obvious that the private sector will have to step in.Make no mistake but No one starts an organization for charity. The good old days when the real teacher disciple relationship existed has no relevance anyone. It has become a pure commercial activity.Today if capitation fees were to be legalized tomorrow the demand may be for gambling and other illegal activities. If only people who patronize such institutes refuse to pay up and bring it to the attention of the media such incidents may reuce. After all no institute wants a bad press

  3. The subject written about is a very serious one deserving emergent action at the top most level as it forms the fountain head of political corruption. If a person with the minimum qualifying marks is able to obtain a seat in the medical college, he will also be able to pass the various examinations by bribing the authorities during the course of his medical education which is a fact that is very much in actual practice.If these persons are licensed to practice as doctors on emerging out of their colleges, one can imagine the quality of medical treatment they will be able to render to the suffering public, besides subjecting them to all modes of un-wanted examination in the name of diagnosis to literally bleed them and enrich their coffers,if not to retrieve the bribe they have handed down to the greedy politicians at the time of admission.Most of the private colleges in Tamilnadu are known to be delving in this corrupt practice which has the silent approval from the ruling party, which gets a due share.All those who have earned a seat by reservation or by paying capitation must be seperately identified by adding the alphabet (R) and(C) after their professional degree, to enable the clients seeking their service on payment.