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Leaders Not Managers..

Somehow it surprises me that all ‘socialist’ leaders concerned about poor people have very rich friends and buddies. This has been the rule rather than exception, not just in India, but all over the world.

In India almost every leader likes to be called ‘socialist’. Almost all of them have their asset declarations running into several crores. Most important, they would be leaders who have spent most of their life in politics doing nothing else and had a poor or modest beginning.

I always wonder how these leaders managed to save amounts that no ordinary citizen could do.

Hence when Mulayam Singh Yadav and Amir Singh, close and thick friends of Industry and Entertainment mogul running their empires on computers and English language, declare their contempt for computer and English literacy, it surprises me more.

After all what Mulayam says is seemingly simple. There are large sections of population in Hindi Heartland not good at English and their only blocker to a job, is knowledge of English. Mulayam by removing English language, is lowering the bar and thus enabling their employment.

Once it is done, his Industry mogul friends would hire huge amount of people speaking pure and chaste Hindi. Actually they have not been recruiting people speaking Hindi because of some legal requirements in India to speak English. The moment English is abolished by Mulayam, they would go ahead and recruit Hindi speaking population in a huge way!

When Mulayam stops computers, all the Public sector enterprises along with private sector enterprises that friends of Mulayam own will switch over to manual mode of clerical computation. This would lead to a job bloom in India!

Once I was talking to a caste leader in TamilNadu, who was fighting for 20% reservation for his caste. I couldn’t understand his logic. But his logic was as simple as Mulayam’s. Every caste should be given reservation in proportion to its percentage in population. In this way 100% employment can be achieved!

For all our leaders socialism is ‘escapism’! A way to escape and not be responsible to people. For them power means strength to manage their term and not responsibility to people’s life in the long term.

All this does not take away the fact that extensive computerization has reduced huge amount of job opportunities in India.

Most of the public sector institutions have stopped hiring and making themselves lean ( and mean) because of computerization. This is absolutely true. In a hugely populous India, computerization has reduced huge amount of clerical man-power requirements.

Not just now. In history of economics, jobs getting wiped out and new jobs replacing them has been a constant factor. Potters, Handloom weavers, Farm laborers, carpenters, blacksmiths and so many small tradesmen have been chucked out of jobs due to constant mechanization of jobs. In fact this is what has contributed to a huge urban poor population, living in slums and dilapidated conditions.

Some may argue that computerization and automation leads to optimization and cheaper services for consumers. But truly, no one has seen this kind of effect in India, where even at 0% inflation, price of food grains keep rising.

Though Mulayam’s solutions could be rubbished, he is right in addressing the problem of unemployment. It is true and hurting the nation. It is going to hurt our nation more.

The only solution is long term and that is equipping people with capabilities to demand and contribute to society. It means enterprising education, non-dogmatic economic models that are more suitable to huge populations our country and this planet would face now and in future. It means leaders who take responsibility for their people and who don’t escape with simple solutions.

It’s time that India and Indians evolve their own new economic models that are not dogmatic and suitable to their environment.

Though the merit of economic models could be debated and discussed, it all primarily means not escaping, but engaging with people and being responsible to people. It means treating power as responsibility and not as a mere management of survival.

India has seen lot of managers in politics in the last six decades. It now needs leaders.



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6 Responses

  1. Dear Saurav

    Yes. I am a fool. But I did not say that abandon your mother tongue and talk English.

    I said English is the language of choice for international collaboration in science, technology, commerce and economics.
    Even inside India, English is there from east to west and north to south. Hindi is only in the Central Part.

    So there is no point in fighting English, which is only a tool by politicians to keep their people in the dark.

    Most of these politicians don’t know to speak and write in their mother tongue properly for all their love of their mother tongue.


  2. You are big fool to think that by studying colonial language, you will become superior.

    If Indians kept Sanskrit or Hindi and totally removed that Colonial Junk English , then India would make new Inventions.


    How can invent new inventions if the starting language to write , speak and think is a borrowed language?.




  3. Dear Hindi blogs,

    It is easy to say what you wrote (samaj buniyadhi bathon). Not easy to do, if you are in politics.

    Ultimately people are the owners of their own destiny.


  4. चुनाव में मुख्य बात सत्ता हासिल करना है – चाहे किसी भी तरह से आए , किसी भी तरीके से आए. वॊट बैंक बनाने में हमारे नेता काफ़ी माहिर है. समाज को किसी भी तरीके से बाँट कर रखना इनकी मजबूरी है.यदि समाज बुनियादी बातों के तरफ़ ध्यान देने लगे , उस दिन उनकी दुकानदारी खत्म हो जाएगी.

  5. Dear Mubashir,

    Thanx for ur comments and compliments.

    Currently all our leaders are mere managers when it comes to addressing people’s problems and solving them.


  6. Thinking of developing a nation by removing English and computers is like wanting one’s weight to reduce while gorging on fat-rich chocolate cakes!

    This is like a fairytale solution to the problems of the nation, cooked up by our leaders. Had it been so easy then India was far better off in 1950s and 1960s no?

    It is no longer about just India, but India and the world. And because of the global reach of English language, it is very essential.

    Maybe the said leaders had forgotten that computers are used in voting and counting and so many election-related tasks too! In fact, I had read somewhere that Mulayalam Singh’s son has a website wherein he is doing daddy dearest’s campaigning work!!!

    True that computers are removing quite a number of manual jobs, but one cannot overlook the fact that they are also introducing newer and better jobs with better salaries offered.

    So instead of vowing to remove English and computers (, which of course is an empty election-promise), it would have been nice if the said leaders had promised a proper education to all. Maybe keep a check on the fees in the educational institutions (private and government). Maybe make an actual effort to make computer education accessible to all. That would be helpful.

    I seriously didn’t realise how much I was writing. It is a true saying in my case – “Enpty vessels make much noise”! :)

    Thanks for the enlightening article.