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Key to Success in Competitive Exams….

Everyone wants Success. Majority start their  journey towards success by cracking professional exams like IIT/Engineering entrance, CAT, IPS, PSC, IAS, IFS etc. The seats are limited and the numbers of applicants are almost 10 times the vacancy. As a result, these competitive exams have become strict norms for selection into any of the professional course. So by cracking these exams, not only the students feel confident but this also gives them a choice to pursue the career line of their choice.

Those who are not selected in competitive exams should not think that if they are not selected then they do not deserve training in the course. Rather it means there aren’t sufficient seats to accommodate them. Here lies the actual difference between a normal Board exam and Competitive exams. In board exams or class tests, there are students of various intellect level varying from low mediocre to intelligent students. But in Competitive exams almost all the students are of same intellect level. As a result a difference of 0.5 marks can throw a student out of the competition.

Keeping this background in mind, let us discuss our action points to succeed in Competitive exams:

Determination : The most essential prerequisite for any competitive exam is Determination. No one can start his/her journey towards success without high level of determination. It is important that the interest to study and pursue the exam remains same through the rigorous process of preparation. If you do not have high level of motivation then it will difficult to continue the preparation and give the exams.

Choosing the right course : Next important aspect of success is that analyse yourself and try to find out which course or module interests you the most. After cracking the competitive exams you will be pursuing a course which you will have to practice throughout your entire life. So it is very important that you choose a course with which you can do justice. For example: if you have interest in Finance but enrolled for Medical coaching as your parents wants you to be a doctor then you will land your life in a disaster. If you don’t have any interest in a particular subject then it will be difficult for you to pursue the course.

Sufficient hours for study : Once a person is sufficiently motivated and has chosen the correct course for himself/herself, it is the time to study. One should keep sufficient hours per day. Most people take up the preparation along with their studies or job. Very few people can devote their entire time solely for preparation of competitive exams. So this becomes the toughest part to take out atleast 2-3 hours everyday to study. Thus we have to compromise a bit on our relaxation to devote these 2-3 hours per day for studying. But it is important that we don’t over stress ourselves because studying with stressed mind will not help anyway.

Selecting the right study material : While preparing for competitive exams, the main blunder is that students try to solve tough questions from the start. Don’t go for shortcuts. Always study the chapter first and understand the concept in detail and then start from the easiest problems followed by the tougher and the toughest ones. If your basic understanding is correct then you can solve or answer any question. There are students who attempt the tough questions at the start and as they fail to answer or solve them, they become depressed and loose interest to pursue the exams.

Study Regularly : The key to any success is study regularly. If you are devoting 2 hours per day for preparation then make sure that you devote the allotted hours for your study dedicatedly. Haphazard routine will not help you in any way.

Make a Routine : Depending upon your daily commitments try to schedule a routine for a week and try to follow it. Set goals at the start of the week and try to achieve it by the end of the week. If you see that you are not able to achieve the goal then analyse what went wrong and try to rectify the same.

Study Strategy : Competitive exams are combination of 3-4 subjects. Analyse yourself to find out your strong and weak points. Try to devote at least 30 min everyday for the weakest subject. For example: If you are preparing for CAT and you are very weak in English. Maths is your strength followed by Data Interpretation. So if you are devoting 2hrs per day to study then divide your time in such a way that you devote say 1hour for English and 30 minutes each for Maths & DI.

Use a stop watch : Always use a stop watch to track the time while solving or answering any question . Track the time and try to analyse if you are improving or not.

Give Mock Tests: For the first 3-4 weeks just study and prepare the chapters. Then start giving mock exams to judge your preparation. As you progress try to give atleast 2 exams per week. But don’t give more than 4 exams per week.

Final preparation before the exam : As the exam approaches, try to relax yourself . Try to reduce the rigorous study schedule 2 weeks prior to the exam. During this 2 weeks just try to brush through the chapters which you are weak and engage in light extra curricular activity to relax your mind. If you are stressed on the day of the exam, then also the results can be adverse and all your effort will go in vain.

So guys, make your routine, plan your study and get going. BEST OF LUCK !!!!!!!!


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