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iPhone 5 – is it too early to start dreaming?

There has been a lot of drama over the iPhone 4 signal flaws which have hurt Apple’s shares, knocking billions off its market valuation. People have started speculating about the iPhone 5 release when the iPhone 4 has been in the US market for hardly two months and has just started selling in many countries.

There are a lot rumors stating it will be out in the beginning of 2011 than the scheduled July 2011. There is a lot of talk going around about how the new iPhone 5 will look like and what exciting features it will provide. Now who is to be blamed for all this- the Death Grip or Verizon? Death Grip was a position in which if the iPhone was held, the call quality fell drastically and yes, AT&T is supposedly going to be replaced by Verizon in the iPhone market and this claim is supported by the fact that Verizon is upgrading its infrastructure to support 4G service. Everyone knows that they can expect anything unthinkable from Apple but all that each one of us can do right now is to make some guesses about it.

According to the illustration, the features will include an advanced texting method also known as telepathy and a high resolution face to face picture. It is invisible, can float in mid-air and can be as small or big you want it to be. Another concept revolving in the minds of experts and die-hard Apple fans are certain mind-blowing applications which will skyrocket iPhone sales. Obviously most of these visualizations cannot be realized in practice.

Experts have gone on to manufacture some exciting piece of news regarding the features of the next gen iPhone. Some of these exciting features which would make the rumors concerning the iPhone even more exciting to hear and read are described below-

Near Field Communication (NFC) – It is rumored that the iPhone 5 will use NFC technology. What adds weight to this rumor is that NFC expert Benjamin Vigier has joined Apple. NFC is a wireless technology that enables your Smartphone to do incredible things like act as an identity card, wallet and credit or debit card, opening your house and automobile doors, checking in at airport etc.

Higher Resolution and a larger screen – With a super-high screen resolution of 960 x 640 and retina display, all the elements including the text look amazingly sharp on the iPhone 4 but the screen resolution is a solid 20% less than the iPad. This is understandable because of the greater screen size but as greater is always better; we can expect the iPhone 5 to have a much higher resolution than its predecessor. Another aspect is the screen size. There is no problem with the size of the iPhone 4′s 3.5 inch screen, especially when you consider it is of very-high resolution and one of the best currently. But with companies like HTC which are rumored to release phones like the HTC Desire HD and HD2, it will hardly be any surprise if Apple increases the screen size of the iPhone 5 to 4 inches. No doubt then that the next gen iPhone’s Safari web browser will be absolutely delightful for the user.

Higher Processor Speed – The iPhone 4 has a 1GHz processor. All the applications run very smoothly on iPhone with this processor speed but if Apple wants to improve the multi-tasking functionality, a faster processor will be required viz. at least 1.2GHz. There is a counter question here- if many companies bring out phones which for allow multi-tasking with lesser processor speeds, why is Apple lagging behind?

Better call quality and effective casing – The key problem with the iPhone 4 was the antenna issue that caused the signal to drop when the antenna was covered.This was affecting phone calls and data if the iPhone was held in a position known as the ‘death grip’.

A key factor users would like to see in the new iPhone is this issue rectified – whether that means the antenna goes back inside the iPhone or it remains around the outside in Apple’s quest for design supremacy, but without the technical issues. Users have also complained that the call quality was better in the previous versions of the iPhone. The iPhone 5 is rumored to replace the glass backing on the iPhone 4 with a metal featuring an Integrated Antenna. This enhanced encasing with integrated Antenna would be of great help in solving reception dilemmas.

Facetime for 4G networks and face recognition – Another fascinating feature that Apple would like to add in the iPhone 5 for users delight would be support of Facetime over 4G network. Currently Facetime supports video chat only through 3G i.e. the jailbroken iPhone 4 network and via Wi-Fi. The 4G technology support for Facetime will definitely enhance user experience and users would be able to enjoy videos without losing quality. There are rumors that Apple has signed a deal with a Swedish tech firm that is an expert in facial recognition technologies and similar applications that enable gadgets to identify users using their unique facial characteristics. Since security will be the key component of the iPhone 5, Apple is likely to incorporate this feature into it.

File transfer using BluetoothThe iPhones already offer online file transfer and sharing, so it would be really cool if the feature of Bluetooth file transfer could be incorporated by Apple.

SMS reply right in the notification window – This is something that would help speed up the texting process on the iPhone. When you get a text message currently, you have to close the app you are working on to open the SMS application and then reply. It would be great to be able to reply right in the notification window.

64GB iPhone – People are continuously looking for a 64GB iPhone and expected that Apple would release the 64GB version of the iPhone 4; which unfortunately didn’t happen. So maybe when the next gen iPhone comes out, people can lay their hands on a 64GB iPhone.

Is there any feature I have missed in the list? Why not add your ideas below in the comments section?

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