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Interpreting Kids by their Sun Sign

Every child needs love and able guidance to blossom into a loving, responsible person. While the need for love is a common trait for every child, each child has certain specific personality traits according to his or her sun sign. Knowledge of these sun sign specific traits helps us to understand the child better and guide her accordingly.

ARIES CHILDREN (21 March- 20 April)

Aries children are very energetic and self confident. They are innovative and are always full of ideas. These children love taking risk and pride themselves for finding their way out themselves. They take risks but keep themselves safe too.

Aries are self confident and independent. They love to hear praise for their efforts, and are not easily discouraged by failures. They can be very demanding, arrogant and often boast about their achievements.

They are comfortable alone as well as with friends. They can entertain themselves when there’s no friend around, but always need someone who understands them and believes in his innovative ideas.

TAURUS CHILDREN (21 April- 20 May)

Taurus children are peace loving. Like the bull it goes about its life quite peacefully but charges dangerously when provoked. Taurus is not easily provoked but once angry it is difficult to calm them down. They are stubborn and do not like change. Any kind of change to their environment or routine disturbs their peace and they do not take to it kindly. It is better to prepare them mentally for any change well ahead.

They work hard when motivated and weigh the consequences well before doing anything. They are loyal and greatly love to be hugged and kissed.

GEMINI CHILDREN (21 May- 20 June)

Gemini are always curious. They are fascinated by everything around them and try to explore and learn more about things. They are good students. They acquire a good stock of knowledge and are often ahead of kids of their age.

Geminis are talkative, because they need to express all the new things they have learnt. They are social too and love creativity. These witty, intellectual geminis make special efforts at being good at everything they do to get love.

CANCER CHILDREN (21 June- 22 July)

Cancerians have the most balanced emotions. They are neither aggressive nor timid, neither insensitive nor very sensitive. They have good control over their emotions, but they are not shy. They honestly speak out their mind in a matter of fact way weather good or bad. They argue their cause and rarely accept defeat. They have to be explained that others are not always wrong and they should try to understand other’s point of view also.

Cancerians are caring and very helpful at home and outside too. They are lovable, intuitive and like to be held and snuggled.

LEO CHILDREN (23 July- 23 August)

Leos have the air of king just like their sun sign, the king of jungle, Lion. They like to rule, but easily get demoralized by failure. It is difficult for them to accept failure. Leos need to be taught to be humble and accept achievement and failure equally.

They do not believe in other’s easily till proved practically. We cannot simply set rules for Leo kids. They need proper, logical explanation for everything, otherwise they will simply ignore and go on doing what they think is right.

VIRGO CHILDREN (24 August- 22 September)

Virgo children are well behaved, neat and organized. They try to be perfect and meticulous in everything to make others like them. They are unselfish and have a gentle sense of humor. They are playful and like to laugh and have fun. They do not seek attention and are always ready to help others. They are always helpful but hesitate to allow others to enter their inner world. Virgo find it difficult to express their inner feelings.

LIBRA CHILDREN (23 September- 23 October)

Librans are known to be soft, gentle and kind but diplomatic. They charm by their smile and talks. They love to persuade and negotiate. Librans always have a mission in their mind and fight for justice.

Librans are social and love to talk. They love to share feelings. They are peace loving and often try to solve unpleasant situations by bringing about an agreeable compromise between conflicting parties.

They love beauty and hate ugliness. Librans like to arrange their surroundings themselves.

SCORPIO CHILDREN (24 October- 22 November)

Scorpios are very emotional, strong willed, determined and passionate about their work. They have a powerful nature and like to dominate. They love attention and hate to be ignored. They do not like to be ordered around. Because of their passionate and dominating nature they tend to become jealous and resentful.

Scorpios want to be taken seriously whatever they say or do. They love to share their things. They feel a great need to share their feelings and connect deeply.

SAGITTARIOUS CHILDREN (23 November- 21 December)

Sagittarious are intellingent, bright, friendly and optimistic. They have a good understanding of people and their desires. They know how to handle people and have a knack of making them happy and cheerful. Their brightness and optimism wins them many friends. They like to know how things work and why, making them interested in relationships, philosophy and spirituality.

Sagittarius hates lies and superficial behavior. Sometimes they can be rude and pass cruel comments when hurt.

CAPRICORN CHILDREN (22 December- 20 January)

Capricorn children are mostly mild and well behaved. They do not throw tantrums and are rarely rude. They are studious and well organized. They have an innate sense of right from wrong. They know the rules and do not like to be reminded of them again and again. If you do so it makes them feel as if we consider them stupid. They have their own set of ethics and rules. But they will be loyal and accept their elder’s rule if explained logically. Capricorns are sometimes not sure of themselves and have to assured to make them confident.

Capricorns have a good sense of humor and like to make people laugh.

AQUARIUS CHILDREN (21 January- 18 February)

Aquarius children attract friends and are loved by all. They become popular fast and are natural leaders because of their amiable, positive nature. They love hanging around with friends.

Aquarians are curious and intelligent people. Their curiosity inspires them to break toys and gadgets to know how it works. They do not only break, but try to put it together again efficiently and sometimes in a much better way too. They love reading and adventure excites them. Aquarians are mostly not much interested in sports.

They are so active that it is difficult to predict their behaviour. They love their independence and can be stubborn.

PISCES CHILDREN (19 February- 20 March)

Pisces are the most dreamy and sensitive people. They are calm, sometimes shy, do not throw tantrums and are humble. Slight harshness too brings tears to their eyes and they withdraw themselves. They appear delicate but are quite strong emotionally and stubborn too. They are caring, sympathetic and patient. They have good intuitive power, but are not confident about themselves.

Pisces are creative and love art and nature. They are good with words. They love admiration but sometimes want to be left alone and get lost in their dream world.

Along with sun sign, genes and environment too play an important role in shaping the child’s personality. The sun sign specific traits give an idea of the strength and weaknesses of the child. The strengths can be guided and propelled towards a satisfying succesfull career. By helping the child to check and get over her weaknesses we can help her to grow into a good human being.


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