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Indian traditions in today’s modern world

“Vasudevam Kutumbakam”-the entire world is one family. Down the ages our spiritual masters quoted this indivisible principle of unity and amity. The import given in this by our savant masters later proved its efficacy in truth. Today under the umbrella of new technology and innovations, the entire world is integrated into a common platform for sharing the values of life and living and caring for the most precious institution of everyone’s life- family. While the rest of the world took leadership in developing technology and inventing lethal weapons for mass destruction, India has forever remained at the forefront of integrating the entire world in the common principle of harmony, goodwill and friendship.

India- a melting pot of traditions and modernity - Over the decades after independence, India has achieved remarkably on scientific fronts. Its middle-class population has gone through an amazing transformation by keeping pace with literary and material growth. But in no case the teeming millions of middle class people have forgotten to safeguard the values of their nation’s traditions. Gradually while they accept and moreover adapt to the changes of modern living in an atmosphere provided by industries and business, they have forever loved to live within the tenets of spirituality and liberal values from ethos of their traditions.

Traditions teach here not to drive away people incautiously from doorsteps – For instance if a westerner goes to a hyper-busy market in any part of India, he will find the manual weighing machines are getting replaced by the scientific ones, more use of internet and mobile phone based technology and knack among the people to know more about the world, but all the hallmarks of traditions would of course greet him there.

What gestures of goodwill from traditions wait for a foreigner in India – He receives warmth of welcome from people. He is offered water, lassi (Indian soft-drink) as people in India have traditionally received the strangers with this kind of gracious hospitability He is asked about the well-being of his family members and to share a meal as a precept of traditions has always been not to return a guest in empty-stomach. He finds people are still living their lives in the precincts of mutual trust and love despite the miseries and hurdles. There would be evidence of undying faith of people in God and spirituality.

Traditionally India is a votary of secularism - The specter of religious intolerance and terrorism is on the rise throughout the world. India is a victim of religious intolerance and restlessness caused by communal forces. But ethos of Indian heritage has never been against secular living. While the urban parts of India seethe in religious intolerance and rage, rural backwaters remain merged in religious amity and peaceful coexistence. People of different faiths and communities have lived together for ages without any conflict.

Rural areas in India still have the traditions telling people throughout the world to live simply in peaceful coexistence and keep aside faith in religion as a means for continuing self development. It is a wrong notion that India adhered to concept of secular living after independence, rather the fabric of Indian society is secular right from time immemorial. Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Islam, innumerable faiths, sects of spirituality and religions could grow in India because of the secular and liberal mindset of people living in this great nation.

Peace and non-violence- A new unique method of harmony – Traditionally the spiritual masters taught us about peace and non-violence. Veda-the mighty Indian scriptures exhort people to live peacefully following non-violence. Buddha laid down non-violence as one of the precepts among his principles. There came a time Mahatma Gandhi stunned the world by giving practical experimentation of non-violence. Although post-independent India witnessed highest violence, now-a-days we have begun to feel a lot about the Gandhian philosophy of living. Movies made on his non-violent principles are great favorites of modern generations. The world has come to love Gandhi and perceived his principles are need of the hour. Way back great scientist Albert Einstein said his immortal words about Gandhi- “Generations to come will scarce believe that such a one as him in flesh and blood ever walked upon this earth”.

Pursuit of knowledge as a path to excellence in life - Traditionally we are seekers after knowledge. But we have always maintained our stance in utilizing knowledge as a means for development not for destruction. While the rest of the world is busy in developing every means of Science as an effective weapon for satisfying greed, our efforts have always been to shape up Science as a natural resource for growth and development. For a long time, our geniuses have contributed through their knowledge towards economic growth, development of Nuclear Science for peaceful utilities towards human growth and inventing new grounds in Medical Science.

Traditionally we have shown restraint while keeping peace and harmony - Every nation in the world has its History of wars. We lost our independence to British but prior to that as a nation, we were targeted several times by the foreign aggressors. Although we fought valiantly to save our nation, we never had any desire for political and military hegemony over other nations. We showed remarkable buoyancy when we were subjugated to barbaric attacks by the foreign aggressors. Today our nation is capable to be in the league of super powers within sixty years of independence despite being deprived of its riches from the looting by other nations many times. Most of our treasured heritage was taken by the British leaving us in abysmal poverty and miseries. We have shown outstanding buoyancy in our spirit to achieve matchless growth since the time of our independence.

Yoga and spirituality are invaluable contributions from our traditions towards mankind - Innumerable schools of spiritual dimensions were rooted on our holy land and those gave valuable guidance to mankind to know about the Science of living. Yoga gave us valuable insight to get integrated with the pleasure of life and living. Today it is heartening to see that institutions of other religions have accepted Indian Yoga as a means for sustaining growth. Ayurveda, our traditional medical Science is an invaluable source for remedies of different diseases and it has gained recognition from the entire world. Our nation has contributed immensely towards Naturopathy and Homeopathy as simple means of treating complex ailments.


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  2. Good Article..a must read by youth of today