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Improve Your Posture in Three Steps

A good posture is often called the mark of a great man as it eludes respect, confidence and enhances appearance. Even as an infant the day a baby can put its head straight without slouching is marked as an important milestone of its development. But somehow, we grownups do not really give the same importance to our posture as it should get. Good posture not only ensures a smart appearance it also makes sure that the backbone of the body is safe from any kind of strains and remains intact and without aches for a long time.

A good posture should not be something that you maintain at interviews, or public appreances only but at all wakeful hours. Whether you are spending all day sitting on a job or standing, with a little assistance from a good chair to sit, and good pair of shoes to walk, you can make your posture remain perfect at all times.

Here are three easy- to- follow tips to give your back the support and rest it needs and in turn make it support your body in a better way.

1. The Act of Sitting

Whenever you are sitting you should always see to it that the shoulders are not pulled too much forward or backward but easily resting at a 90 degrees angle with your head. If you are sitting on a chair, it should support your back, shoulders and if possible your head too. If it is not a chair but a bench or a stool, remember not to move forward and slouch too much. It will only strain your muscles and ligaments and if this becomes a habit, it may lead to constant back pain or cause the spinal cord to fix at an abnormal position.

2. The Act of Standing

High heel shoes are a curse for the legs and back. Even if you invest on a pair from a renowned brand, the adverse affects of the shoes on the legs and back remain the same. That is why it is best to wear flat shoes especially if you are up and moving constantly. While standing the position of the head, shoulder and back should be such that your entire body makes a natural straight angle with the ground.

3. Posture exercise

Inspite of all cautions, you may still strain your body in a number of ways in a day while writing, typing, bending down, or any other action oriented activity. To counter the stress caused by these activities, everyday it is important to give your back a simple workout whenever possible.

  • While sitting, push your pelvis back into the chair for a few second and relax. It helps to tighten the abdominal muscles.
  • After hours of sitting or bending forward, to give your spine a little bit of movement in the opposite direction, place your hands on the lower back and tilt backwards.

Be aware of your posture and make good posture a habit. It is the only way that you can ensure a fit back, spinal cord and a pain free life.

Image Credot Marcin Wichary via cc/Flickr


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