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Importance of Story Reading to Infants and Toddlers

Have we ever thought that whether it is worthy to read stories to small children. Some parents don’t read stories to their children thinking that until and unless their children start understanding words it is not beneficial. This is a very wrong approach. When parents start reading to their children, at first they don’t understand many words or are unable to imagine the situation. I have seen children asking too many questions to understand the story or the situation. This inquisitive nature makes him interact with the parent and in a manner helps develop the communication abilities as he/she needs to make parents understand what he is asking, so that attempt makes him/her learn a few things.

Generally the story books for children or toddlers are full of images. Why? Simple! This is because images are worth thousand words, clichéd, but true nevertheless. This helps them to identify things and relate them with the world around them. They start recognizing things they have read in the books. Children find this very interesting that whatever they have read exists in reality.

Apart from this there are various advantages of reading out stories to children.

  • First and foremost advantage – a strong sense of bonding develops between them when parents spent their time with their children by reading books. The parents start understanding the likings and disliking of their child. In today’s world, to bring up a child it is important to understand him or her. We should never pressurize children to pursue what they don’t like otherwise the result can be fatal. We should know what our child wants or what they are capable of doing.
  • Sometimes while reading and interacting, parents can judge the intellect level of their child. This will help them to guide their child for future endeavor and will prohibit them from pressuring the child. If I know that my child has interest in music then I will never force him to become a doctor. Reading to infants is a good way to invest your time and energy as it build the foundation of the child.
  • And finally in today’s fast paced world where you find a lot of households with both parents working, parents can make it a practice to spend some time with the kid via this kind of story telling sessions.

Reading to babies is very important as it will help to develop his language, vocabulary along with the intonations. The more we read, the more they will develop their vocabulary. Studies show that children having reading habits can pick up sound, music and new languages more efficiently and quickly than others.

As a child reads a pictorial story book, his imagination power increases. In contemporary society, you can give a child to hold a book while driving or while you are cooking. This will not only engage him or her but also will increase his concentration. It is seen that children who are introduced to reading from childhood do not complain about studying when they are admitted in school. They know what books are and what to do with books. Even they are not able to read at nursery, they can decipher the letters, alphabets & pictures. They have their basics already done. Also these children are ahead of their peers.

From my personal experience, I have seen that if parents read story books to their children, then they are infusing the habit of reading in their children. These children develop the habit of reading books as they grow up and as a result their vocabulary, general knowledge, IQ also gets developed and makes them smart. Children who get interests in books spent a lot of time turning the pages of the books even though they cannot read them. They are not distracted by other games or television which had very less to offer.

And as they say books are the greatest friends a person can ever have and they are the biggest source of learning in life. So what better than to develop an association between your kids and books at the very early age!


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2 Responses

  1. good one!!! speacially for now a days when parent are busy with their respective job and child is left to watch tv or play video games for fun…. this kind of habbit can really increase the warmth and closness of two.

  2. Wow! This article is very informative, especially in terms of parenting where parents can nurture the habit of reading in the minds of their children. Instead of making them play video games or watch TV, reading them stories in form of comics will be great way to imbibe good manners, truthfulness, kindness in minds of children. Personally, my childhood has passed in reading books and I feel books more closer to me than my colleagues.Your article emphasizes on parenting as well as importance of reading.Really nice one. Keep it up.