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Importance of Cultivating Reading as a Habit in Children

Reading is one of the finest habits that a person can have. Previously when there were no televisions people used to spend their time by reading books. It was through books that people used to try knowing the world outside. They used to become members of libraries so that they can read more books. But this habit of reading books is continually degrading due to the vast impact of internet. People spent a lot more time in chatting than reading. But still those who love reading, reads in whatever form the information comes.

As I had penned down in my previous blog that reading habit should be inculcated in a child from his early age. I feel that this habit has only positive aspect and no harmfulness.

The first advantage of reading habit is that it helps to improve a child’s vocabulary.

As a child starts reading he gets to know many new words which are new to him. But as he reads the words as part of the story, sometimes he himself guesses the meaning of the word by himself. This power of deciphering the meaning of a word by it its implementation is very useful in competitive examinations.

By reading books, not only the stock of words increases but also the child is exposed various forms of writing which helps him in developing his writing skill. I had observed during my schooldays that my friends who used to read books had very good literary skill. The essays and answers written by them had an ornamental style of writing which were appreciated by our teachers a lot. It is obvious that children reading books are more knowledgeable than others. Their General Knowledge is more and as a result they excelled in debate, quizzes, essay writing and in many competitive fields. And remember, knowledge once earned can be spent throughout your life. I have myself leveraged the knowledge gained from reading various books in different competitive exams.

It is seen that children who start reading at an early stage have more IQ, have good language skills and grasp the variances of phonics better.

Reading helps to improve concentration in a child. Readings of various books by different writers help the children to understand the style of writing of various periods and differentiate the same from the contemporary style. It is observed that children who have the reading habit tend more for self training and self learning rather than from tutors. This makes them self sufficient and fast learners. Children engrossed in reading have less chances of getting diverted and spoilt.

I personally feel that due to my reading habit from childhood, I was always at an advantage from other children of my class.

Not only did I score good marks in Literature, but also competed in debate, quizzes which helped me in getting recognition in school. And to be very honest, every student feels good when his or her teachers appreciate him or her beyond studies and students from other classes recognizes him or her. I still feel proud that my teachers still recognizes me when I meet them in streets and they call me by my name.

I have interests in varied topics ranging from cartoons to cookery to share markets. This interests grew in me due to my reading habits from childhood. When I used to give private tuition to many school children in my local area, I used to discuss Sherlock Holmes,  Harry Potter with them. Again when I am with my colleagues in office, I guide them how to plan their taxes.

During dinner, I discuss new recipes with my Mother. People trust me and try to get advice from me. This is not because that I am more knowledgeable but I have more information than them. Thanks to my READING habit which has helped me to what I am today.


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  1. We can learn a lot about a person by the books that they read or collect. Please visit our website for more information on what we are. Thanks!

  2. Reading habit not just improves the general knowledge but it also improves the imagination power.When a child is watching TV,along with the dialogues, visuals are also there. So nothing is left for imagination. But when we are reading the visualisation & interpretation of the written piece is left to the reader.The child thus gets a broader scope to excercise his creative imagination.