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How to write iPhone App!!

It feels great to write about something on which you have hands on experience. To be frank, I haven’t developed an iPhone App myself as yet. Would have surely done that by now, had it not been the break that I took from corporate world to pursue MBA. I was previously working with one of the Indian IT company and was actually developing applications for Apple Inc. I was basically working on the same kind of technologies that you need to know to develop an app in iPhone. That is enough self portrayal. Lets now look into how to create iPhone app.

Some very basic things that you need to do to write your own iPhone app and get it into the App Store:

  1. Download SDK: You need to start here. Get the SDK and take a deep dive into it. It simply have everything you need to develop and application.
  2. Learn Objective-C: Yeah! Another thing that makes me nostalgic. It is the language in which almost everything is written in Mac. So you need to learn that. People who have exposure to OOPs would find it easy. Oops sorry! OOPs mean object oriented programming. Apple introduced a special abstraction API called Cocoa Touch for iPhone (and iPod Touch) development.
  3. Apply to developer program: You need to be in the developer program to be able to put your app in App store. So apply for it. You need to wait for some time. However you also need to learn, as already mentioned, SDK properly to become an accepted programmer. Only in that case your app will be accepted and put into App store.

This is broadly what it takes to write an app in iPhone. Apple’s own developer site provides excellent material for the development of applications. Please refer the following links:

  1. Introduction of application development
  2. Sign up for SDK and App development
  3. Core Application

Some other useful links are as follows:

  1. Creating an app in a month
  2. Learn to write an iPhone App

So game on guys! What are you waiting for!


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