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How to Transfer Documents to Amazon Kindle

Kindle e-reader has enjoyed a great success and people are getting accustomed to using this e-reader for a variety of purposes. Of course, you can read your books and magazines which you have directly downloaded from Kindle store, but at other times, you might want to transfer your personal documents to Kindle for later reading. Kindle offers easy transferability of your data across the platforms.

Following are the various methods which you can use to transfer documents from your computer to your Kindle and vice versa. However, these methods are applicable to latest generation of Kindle:

  1. Via USB Cable: This method is one of the easiest and fastest techniques for the transfer of documents. Kindle is compatible with both Windows PC and Macintosh. You can use the USB cable that comes in the kindle package for making the connection. Once connected, You should be able to see your Kindle at the same place where you find external drives. Now, you can simply Cut and Paste or Drag and Drop your files. This type of file exchange works both ways, however, you can transfer only those files which are in Kindle recognized format. These formats are Kindle formats viz. .AZW or .AZW1, Text format .TXT and .MOBI and .PRC. Audible files in .AA and .AAX format and music files in .MP3 formats are also compatible with this transfer technique.
  2. Using Kindle’s e-mail Service: If your documents are not in Kindle recognized format, then fret not. Kindle has provided additional functionality for the transfer of such documents. Each Kindle comes with a unique email address. You can set or modify this email address from “Manage Your Kindle” page. You can send your files to this email address over Wi-Fi and the files will be changed to Kindle recognized formats. Kindle provides support for PDF files but you may choose to convert even PDF files for various functionalities such as annotation and font size changes.

However, you should keep it in mind that this service is free if you can transfer your files over Wi-Fi. If you are not able to tether to your Kindle using Wi-Fi, then your message may be sent using 3G. However, Amazon will charge a small fee for such transfer. The amount of such fee will depend on your location. Currently the fee for such transfers, if made in the US is 15 cents per megabyte and 99 cents per megabyte if you are travelling outside the US. However, if you live outside the US, then the rate charged is 99 cents per Megabyte.

Other important point you need to keep in mind is that your personal documents’ size should be less than 50 MB.

So, now transferring your files from or to Kindle should be no hassle and you can choose any of the above method to accomplish your objective. Enjoy the freedom of accessing your documents while on the move.

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