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How to propose to your girlfriend?

How should you propose to your girlfriend? Well…, the cryptic SMS in the cell phones are doing their rounds like the arrows of Cupid. The usual one is…”Rita, ILU…ILU”. At times it defies the basic norms of communication as the receiver is at her wit’s end to decode it. There is more interesting one, for example, one with downright suggestion for tying the knot. This goes like-“Sweta, WUMM”. Read…”Sweta, will you marry me”?

Have you ever cast a glance on the tables in the classrooms, where usually the pretty girls sit! The top of the tables are full with indiscreet suggestions about affair or marriage. Girls giggle together while reading those and scratch their replies with their ball-pens, asking the guys to make a personal appearance. God knows if someone takes the invitations seriously, lasses do not hesitate to give pieces of their minds.

The suggestions for love or marriage from love-sick guys come through cell phone messages and the reminders for reply are usually repeated “miss-calls”. Research says frivolous attempts at starting a love or conjugal life might drag you in serious problems. We suggest a broad-based approach while you propose to your girl.

  • First befriend her as much as you can- How do you know that she is a perfect match for you? Therefore proposing should begin from mind and then move to heart. Know by your mind about her likes and dislikes and then proceed slowly but steadily. Befriend her as much as you can.
  • Think about the possible ways- Once you decide to go for her, you need to broad base your search to propose her. Here the point is if she accepts your courtship, then it is going to be a life-time sweet memory. Literally girls lose their sleeps if they are proposed by worthy guys.
  • Judge her reaction when she accepts your proposal- Usually girls show variety of emotional reactions when they accept courtship for a relationship. You can judge from the content of her emotions that how feminine she is towards your sentiments. If she is acting with warmth and courtesy as reciprocal gesture towards your proposal, then surely it is a sign of positivism. Your invitation for love could be a life long affair of friendship and conjugal relationship. Girls usually smile and remain shy when they listen to a proposal for life partnership. There are girls who show great warmth in behavior by showing tears of joy at the proposal for a conjugal relationship and hugging the persons they would love to marry. But any kind of cold and indifferent attitude is a negative sign towards you. It might be that she is considering other options for her life. You should not marry the girl who has too many conditions or goes on postponing under pretexts. This can cast serious repercussions on the prospects of your life.
  • Show large heartedness when you propose her- You should not show frivolous behavior when you propose her. After all this is going to be a serious turning point in your life. One intelligent girl can transform your life like anything. In India, we have seen male school drop-outs marrying well- qualified post-graduate females and later on they have lived very satisfactory, prosperous relationship.

Tips for proposing to a girl

  • Ask her for a candle-lit dinner in her favorite restaurant- This is for the girls who appreciate when someone shows dignified courtesy in asking their hands. You can ask for a candle-lit dinner if she is a very self-respecting person. Ask her to select from the menu without imposing your choices. This is important because from her selection you can about her nature. If she randomly orders food and drinks without looking at the price for the same, then it is a sure sign that she is more interested in the size of your pocket not in your heart. Wise girls would of course not want their men to spend too much too many on unnecessary things. There brief her coolly and in a reserved manner about your decision to propose her. Explain with logic without casually breaking out…..I love you and want to marry you. Seriously stay away from giving hints about the insecurities of your life. Rather keep yourself based on the positive side of your life and how she fits into that. This is the most professional way of proposing to the opposite sex.
  • You can ask for her favorite flower- If the above method is bit expensive for you, this is another alternative available. Try to know about the flower, that she loves most. Prepare a bouquet and insert a lovely card with very cute writing of love. You can inscribe…..” Sweta, would you be queen of my heart”? This would of course charm her.
  • If the girl loves fun and frolics- If your girl loves fun, just keep a party and invite a group of close buddies. Ask your friends to hide and as she consents to your proposal, your friends will appear from hiding with congratulatory applause to both of you. Celebrate your new lease of life with the fresh relationship. You can throw a party in her favor.
  • You can write your first love letter- Girls love to read imaginative writing, especially those who are very artistic by nature. But here refrain from praising her beauty and making silly comparisons of her appearance with those of well-known actresses. Rather praise her good qualities and how honestly you want her in your life. Abide by a good logic.
  • You can propose straight with the engagement ring- Suppose your girl has very down-to-earth nature, you can give straightforward suggestion of love by offering her the “engagement ring”. You can take the ring in a cute box and hold it before her asking her to consent. A beautiful rose can be substituted with this.
  • You can propose with a single beautiful rose- This is another innocuous way for proposing. A rose symbolizes your unique appreciation for her and how she has taken the sole seat in your heart to be your life partner.
  • Ask her for a long drive and propose during that- You can share a long drive with her and during that time you can propose her. Stop at a less crowded place if you are feeling inconvenient and tell her what you have to say.

Girls do not take much time to read the language of your heart. They show enough appreciation as you try to move. Here a wise suggestion is you should exercise restraint while you get accepted.


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