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How to Promote Early Reading at Home

I faintly remember my childhood days when I could not decode words. I used to see my Mom reading books in the afternoon after lunch. My brother and parents used to read story books to me. I could guess that whatever story they were telling me was engraved in the book. I could guess that they were able to read which I was not capable of at that moment. Like every child I started imitating my mother and whenever in the afternoon my Mom used to read a book laying on the bed, I used to take a book and lay on the bed like my Mom. I wanted to let her know that I can also read like her (although I was not). I used to hold the book(mostly in inverted position) and would loudly narrate some story known to me as if I was reading the story from the book. I used to do the same whenever my younger cousins used to come just to impress them with my READING skill.

Reading is one of the finest habit that a child can have. It can neither be forced into a child not can it be developed in one day. The habit of reading can be infused in a child. But to do that the role of the parent specially mother is very significant. There can be various ways the habit of reading can be grown in a child.

Promote Reading : As I said, for a child his parents are his first role model. He will always try to imitate his parents. So its important that the child should know that reading is an activity. This he can know only if he sees his parents or grand parents reading at home. The child should see you reading.

Read aloud : Whenever you are telling any story to your child try to read it from a book. The child should know that if he wants to know more stories then he should also know how to read.

Pictoral Reading : But books for child which has pictoral representation of stories and read aloud the dialogues of the characters in the books. Later the child will be able to guess the story from the pictures but will also try to decipher the letters as well and try to read.

Visit Library : Be a member of a local library and take your child along with you to the library. The vast collection of books and the ambience of the library of the library will help to encourage the habit of reading in a child. By visiting a library he will start understanding that reading is an universal activity and he can be also a part of the same.

Recognising words : As the child learns to read alphabets and starts identifying individual words, this is the phase when the parents can actually take advantage if to the maximum. Whenever you see any advertisement or logos with 1-2 words, ask you child to read it. Help him in adding the alphabets to spell out the word. This should be the first attempt for the child to read. For any child it is important that he is pressurized to read, rather reading should come as a part of his daily activity.

Buy dresses and daily items for the child which have words written on it. The child will try to decipher the words on his own.

Gift Books: Gift books to your children so that they should know that books are precious.

Visit book store or Book fair : Visit book fair or book stores. The child can see the vast collection of books and people reading books. This helps him to know books.

Remember it is never too early to begin reading to your children. Try to follow the above methods softly and don’t pressurize your child for reading otherwise all your attempts will go into vain.


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  1. Very very true!Whatever you have said about your childhood was my experience too and it’s now the same with my son. Though he is still quite young, but to some extent I can say he won’t be glued to the TV or computer games in future because of his love for books.