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How to prepare for CAT?

Common Admission Test  (CAT) is one of the most difficult tests for admission into premier management colleges across India. If you are interested to seek admission in the quintessential management colleges like IIMS and XLRI, you need to prepare hard for CAT and a very good score can only qualify you for the admission in the best category of colleges.

  • Do not appear CAT without preparation- You might be a very good student but appearing CAT in a ham-handed manner can demoralize you to a great extent. Make sure that you are armed to the teeth with knowledge and speed to perform well in such difficult test.
  • Preparation for CAT gives you aptitude to appear at all types of competitive examinations- It is because most of the tough entrance and competitive examinations have similar patterns. Once you master the nitty-gritty of CAT, you will be best-off with all kinds of entrance and competitive examinations. Now-a-days, it is customary in India for qualifying into the admissions or jobs in best institutions of India; you are expected to compete with almost one million candidates.
  • Know the pattern and content of CAT thoroughly- You need to know the pattern of questions which usually come up in CAT. What is the time duration of the test? How much time you can allot to each section? How much time you can give to solve each and every question of the section?

The motive behind the above is to test your strength vis-à-vis potential required to succeed in CAT. CAT consists of the following topics.

  • Quantitative Ability and Mathematical aptitude- This consists of Arithmetic, Algebra, Trigonometry, Mensuration and topics studied in Mathematics up to class-X in your school.
  • Verbal ability or your English language skills- This section consists of reading, Grammar, comprehension and vocabulary.
  • Logical Reasoning- Reasoning consists of data interpretation and logical reasoning through diagrams and charts.

You need to collect all the available data for CAT from books, internet and experts. First get the models of the questions for the above and take a test of the quantum of the questions, which you can understand. Solving questions in this kind of test requires three things. Those are; (I) Understanding (II) Logic (III) Speed. Unless you understand the questions properly, your intelligence might fail you. Secondly solve the question through proper logic and sequence. The third most important thing is you need to execute your performance with speed. All these three can be done by intense PRACTICE.

  • Know your personal strengths and weaknesses- Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is vital. Why? Well the logical answer is although you feel very confident about the things which you know; your weakness in answering certain questions can drastically reduce your score. It is because in most of such tests, there is negative marking for a wrong answer. Just one question is wrong; you might lose what you scored by answering two questions correctly. Secondly just by casting a glance it is foolish to think that you can score very high. Just be conscious of the fact that you need to play the Cricket of scoring like an experienced and intelligent batsman. Any two or three wrong ticking of answers can give you a bad score. So apply consciousness while you work out. You need to workout thoroughly on your weaker areas as per the patterns of questions mentioned above.
  • Improve your weaker sides- You might have forgotten what you had studied up to Standard-X. So the bad news is, as a beginner you have to recollect the things that you studied up to Standard-X. The English Grammar book of Rein and Martin and all the books of Mathematics can be brought to use to help you build the fundamentals once again. There are guys, who just beat about the bush by beginning from advanced books. It is good that you are already in the know of the things but you have to again build up a knowledge base and keep on enriching it. Keep the updates about the improvement of your weaker sides on regular basis. Postponing things can jeopardize your preparation. Get the help of the best available experts at your place. Exchange ideas with the fellows, who are preparing for CAT. Renowned coaching institutions like T.I.M.E., PT education, IMS learning, Career launcher can lend you a valuable hand in your preparation. Be aware of the fake institutions mushrooming across every city in India. You will end up losing time and precious opportunity there.
  • Create a Time-table and prepare as per that- Following a time table while preparing can be very fruitful for you. Suppose you prepare for three hours a day, make sure that you allocate one hour to each part of three sections every day. Practice and consistency are spells for success.
  • Strategize your answer- You need to follow a strategy to score high in this test.
    • The first thing is out of the three parts of questions, make sure that which part you are going to attempt first. Suppose, you begin with English, you should begin with the parts which you can solve fast.
    • Secondly you need to keep a good strategy about time allocation to each part. Here your motive is to score fast without sticking to questions which you can not follow.
    • The third moot point is you can solve those questions considerably contributing to your personal score. In stead of wasting time on questions carrying low marks you can solve the questions of higher marks. But this requires your thoroughness about answering questions carrying higher marks.


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