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How to fight Loneliness?

Have you ever felt lonely or have you heard anyone close to you speak sadly of how lonely they feel in life? Don’t worry; loneliness is something you can ‘overcome’ if you have the will to do so. Loneliness is a feeling that strikes when you withdraw yourself from others. Though light-sounded, this very term can cause you a lot of trouble.

Loneliness explained

Loneliness is not merely a matter of relationship or company. Some say that it’s a paradox that one can get lonely in this era of communication technology? But then, what about those who claim of loneliness even after making use of all the facilities for communication? So loneliness may be realized as a phenomenon that arises more out of how you think about yourself than what others think of you. I have felt this quite true since one of my friends confessed that she used to feel lonely even at high-swing parties.

What can make you lonely?

There are several things that can make you lonely. Effective realization of these causes is necessary to fight loneliness successfully. Some of the major causes can be-

  • Loss of a spouse/partner- This is a prominent cause of loneliness. People who lose their spouse are the ones who are found to be increasingly lonely. The sudden loss of a loved one can change ones world entirely. Most of them feel that their life has come to a turning point from where no recurrence is possible.
  • Hectic work schedule- We have turned ourselves into worker bees who have no time other than for work. We reduce our precious relationships into sheer electronic contacts. We tend to avoid personal acquaintances and believe that an email would do better. We think that meeting friends face to face is time consuming while chatting with them via internet is a better option.
  • Sudden separations from family- Majority of the people who experience this are students who move away for the sake of studies and those who newly enter into a job. For the time being, they may find things very difficult when separated from family and close relatives. But this kind of loneliness is seen to be temporary since they can join back their families after a certain period of time.
  • Diseases- People who undergo treatments for serious ailments are observed to be lonely and depressed. The sickening thoughts about their disease can drain even the tiniest trace of happiness and hope from their lives and instill feelings of worthlessness.

Fighting loneliness positively

  • Nurture your relationships- Choose better options to share time with friends other than sending SMS, instant message and email. Always keep in touch with family, friends and relatives. Don’t avoid face to face contacts as far as possible. Take part in social events and nourish new experiences and relationships.
  • Engage in an interesting hobby- Reading, writing and handicrafts are excellent hobbies for solitary people. Doing something interesting and creative can completely eliminate loneliness and depression. It can also boost up your self-esteem.
  • Be a volunteer- Working for a charitable institution such a school for the mentally retarded, a nursing home for the poor or an orphanage is the best thing you can do to fight loneliness. You could make new friends each day, share your personal experiences with others and maintain an evergreen social network.

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2 Responses

  1. Yes, I agree with you totally Debashisda. SPIRITUALITY- this is the greatest remedy. An understanding of the spiritual aspect of life, concepts of karma and effects, etc. helps one to understand and accept life as it comes and thank God for all the little happiness that He sends in so many little, simple forms.

  2. These are usual causes & remedies. But what about the feeling ‘Sab kay rahtay, lagta hai aisay, koi nahi hai mera’! This may be aligned a bit to the second cause ‘Hectic work schedule’, due to which sometimes we don’t only lose time but also the desire to keep up with relationships. When one spouse sometimes gets so caught up in career – long hours at office, phone always busy, long phone calls even at home, etc. – that the other member/s of the family may start feeling they are of no consequence, and that the house has become just a guest-house, to be slept in and (sometimes!) to have food in.

    Coping strategies: If (even a bit) spiritually/religiously inclined, read/ access literature or material of your choice (reading in any case is a great stress buster). Or even join societies/bodies which encourage members to collectively pursue common interests. Come to think of it, is the mushrooming of such societies an indication of the growing ‘loneliness’ in society?