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How to Correct your Posture?

Posture is the positioning of the frame of your body. It is a major part of your body language and sign of your confidence. A good posture shows off your confidence and it adds to the beauty of your appearance.

The usual misconception about body posture- Good posture is misunderstood as the “stiff “position in attention pose as shown by the Armed forces during giving salute to the superiors. But it is not true because posture is a combination of balanced pose and position of your body to lend grace to your personality. Just remember the word “balance”. It means what? It means while standing up, be sure that your weight is evenly distributed on your feet. A good posture is not standing up straight by heaving your chest up in a tense position by pulling your head back into your chest. It is balanced standing by keeping your weight evenly on your feet.

What is usually wrong in posture?

A wrong posture means wrong positioning of body. Your spine has two natural curves, which need to be maintained called the “double C” or “S” curves. Those curves are found from the base of your head to your shoulders and curve from the upper back to the base of your spine. Wrong posturing is due to involuntary flexion or extension of the arms and legs indicating damage in the functioning of the brain of the human being. It happens because your body is not properly guided about correct postures during your childhood. It might be taking place due to inborn handicaps from birth.

What is right posture?-Right posture is the position that occurs when your hold your body upright against gravity. Such posture involves training your body to stand, walk, sit and lie in positions, giving least stress to supporting muscles and ligaments while moving and carrying weight.

Methods to correct posture

Posture during sitting

The right posture for sitting is given in the Figure. In this you need to sit with your back straight and shoulders back. Make your buttocks touch the back of the chair (as shown in the figure). See how the normal curves of your body is touching the body of the chair. Keep your hands as per the position. For sitting in this position, practice the following tips thoroughly.

  • While you sit, try to distribute your entire weight on both of your hips.
  • Do not cross your legs.
  • Keep your feet flat on the floor.
  • Sit at the end of your chair and then stoop your body completely. Then raise yourself up by heightening the curve at your back to your best of capacity and hold there for sometime.
  • Then relax the stiff position by 10-15 degrees. You have achieved the right position while sitting.

Right posture while driving

You need to use a back support while driving. Placement of your knees must be at the same levels higher than your hips.

  • Adjust your seat near the steering of the vehicle making sure you give enough space to your legs for movement. The important thing is you need to adjust your curves on your back completely. That helps you in driving.

Right lifting posture

The position shown in the picture on the right shows the right posture for lifting.

  • While lifting an object, bend your legs and waist to lift it from the floor, which is lower than the level of your waist. Keep your back straight without bending it.
  • Don’t keep your legs straight.

Right posture while standing

  • Keep space between legs.
  • Keep your hands in comfortable position as shown in the picture.
  • Your back should remain straight without bending forward or backward.
  • Keep your head at the horizontal line at par with shoulders.

Correct posture while sleeping

The best posture while sleeping or lying down is you need to keep the pillow under your head not under your shoulders.

  • The above will basically help to comfortably place the curves on your back.
  • Avoid sleeping on your sides with knees drawn up to chest.
  • Use strong mattress which does not sag easily. If you are sleeping on a soft one then use the one which is comfortable to your body.
  • Avoid sleeping on stomach. This posture is followed by many and gives rise to back pain and discomforts in neck and gastric problem in stomach.
  • Expose the mattress and pillows to sunshine. Cotton mattresses and pillows warmed in sunshine have greater benefits for the body. Particularly those prevent back pain and stiff neck.

The advantages of correct posture

Good posture helps your body in standing, sitting, sleeping and other related activities that your body takes up from time to time without exerting extra strain or burden on ligaments and muscles.

  • It gives your bones and muscles correct alignments helping the muscles while in use.
  • It prevents untimely wearing of joint-surfaces resulting in arthritis
  • It holds the joints of your spine together avoiding pressure on ligaments.
  • It decreases fatigue as muscles are used properly.
  • It does not allow the bones and spine to get fixed in abnormal positions.
  • It prevents backache and muscular pain.
  • Body posture plays the main role in appearance.


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  1. I had sleep always sleep on my stomach until I read your article. Now I bought a body pillow and that has kept me on my side. My back has actually felt better thank you.