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How to Check the Health of your Hard Drive

Sometimes it so happens that you are doing an important job on your PC and it starts behaving strangely making some sounds of tick-tick, there is undesired error message which are stubborn and not willing to go. Sometimes your computer stops working without any prior warning signs. In such cases, you should immediately check the health of the hard drive. There are a number of certain tests which you can do, to get an idea of what should be done next. If you did the right hard drive diagnostic test, you can decided whether you should replace it or not.

Checking for disk errors

First of all you should check the hard disk for possible errors. As you know that all latest versions of Windows have Chkdsk.exe which can help you find out any bad sectors in your hard disk. You can simply run Chkdsk or start Windows Explorer. Just do a right-click on the drive you want to evaluate and go to the properties. Now click Tools tab where you will see “Check Now” option button below Error checking. To perform a complete disk check, click “Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors”.

Check the temperature of your hard-drive

You should also monitor the temperature of your hard drive as high temperature is always very harmful for the drive. If you set the temperature and once it goes above limit, you will receive warning alarm. Dust may also cause high temperature while coming in the way of hard drive motor which prevents it from running smoothly. Due to hard drive failure, data may be lost. But, if you have set high temperature alert, you can not loose anything.

Watch out for the strange sounds

While working on your pc, you would have sometimes heard tick-tick sounds, which comes from your hard disk. This is a warning, that there is something wrong in your hard disk and it will not be able to perform further. Once you have this sound quickly turn off the system to reduce further damage to the disk. However, it may perform for quite sometimes, but if you continue working on the same drive, you may loose the data anytime. If you are facing such situation, you will need to replace your hard drive.

Run Diagnostic Tools

You can read and write error rate before they happens. Disk Checkup is one such diagnostic function which can provide you tons of data for error rate about your hard drive. The level of detail may confuse not only you but even tech savvy. While performing it overlook the numbers and continue running the function in the background. It reads and write error rates, examine your disk’s temperature and if necessary, it will alert you about dangerous level of the problems. These are the signs of approaching disk failure.

SeaTools is another option to check the health of your hard drive irrespective of OS installation. With SeaTools you can assess the ability of hard drive of your laptop, desktop or external hard drive. Download SeaTools ISO image for DOS to create a bootable CD. Run the computer with CD and agree the agreement of license and start a full scan. After the full scan is over, you will see number of defects if any.

Some companies such as Dell, Western Digital, Toshiba, Lenova, Samsung etc are offering their own diagnostic tool for their own hard drives.


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