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How to calm an upset stomach?

An upset stomach shows symptoms of indigestion, gas and hyper-acidity. Irritable bowel syndrome is one of the most dreaded diseases of modern times. In this, stomach remains forever upset showing symptoms of gas, indigestion, vomiting and irregular bowels. Chronic stomach problems weaken the body and cause terrible depression in the mind, disallowing you to work normally.

The causes of stomach upsets are junk food, cups of tea saturated with sugar, heavily spiced non-vegetarian meals, lack of exercises, improper intake of water and alcohols etc. Stomach diseases gradually give birth to other diseases like diabetes and heart ailments. If your stomach is functioning in the right way, it is a sure sign of your physical fitness.

Stomach upsets are very frequent and usually found in the people working in an industrial atmosphere. An upset stomach can disturb an entire day’s program. Most of the working men and women carry in their purses tablets for stomach problems. But consistent allopathic medicines damage your digestive system in the long run except giving you respite for a little time.

If you are having stomach upsets either on most of the days in a week or at times, we suggest you the following easy methods which can give long term benefits to your digestive system.

  • In case your stomach shows chronic troubles, you might be feeling discomfort or nausea as you wake up every morning from sleep. You feel as if you will retch out in discomfort. We suggest you to drink at least five glasses of water as you wake up in the morning. That gradually removes accumulated stool, gas, acid and bile through bowels and makes your digestive system normal.
  • In case there is no chronic problem in your stomach and there is pain and gas due to indigestion, it is better for you to have a cup of red tea without milk. Red tea will immediately flush out all acid and indigestible substance of the food from your stomach within half an hour through bowels.
  • One best method of avoiding stomach troubles is very simple. That is “eat when hungry”. On the days when your stomach shows problem, avoid one or two meals, till you feel normal hunger.
  • Another good method is if your stomach is full of gas due to indigestion, take two glasses of water and walk half a kilometer briskly. That will ease off gas in your stomach and digestion process will be expedited.
  • A cup of warm red tea with drops of lemon-juice in it can give greater relaxation to indigestion and stomach upsets.
  • All the competent teachers in “Yoga” suggest one method, known as “Neti”. This is not to be practiced for temporary stomach upsets but for constant problems, this will be enormously helpful. Make the water lukewarm and put a bit of salt in it. Take five to six glasses of water at a stretch and then go to toilet. Put a finger inside your mouth and move it creating sensation till you vomit out whatever toxic you have inside your stomach. This is greatly helpful for people who suffer from chronic acidity and long lasting problems in stomach. This will bring down depression in mind due to malfunctioning of digestive system.
  • On the occasions when you are having stomach problem, avoid eating anything and take glasses of lemon water with pinch of salt. That will give faster relief to your stomach.
  • Mixture of lemon-soda water, particularly available in South India has great medicinal value for giving relief to your stomach problems.
  • You can practice “Pavan Muktasana”- an exercise in Yoga to give relief to digestive and intestinal problems and curing of gastric symptoms.

You might have seen numerous ads for Allopathic medicines on the television. The most prominent from all those is the display of “Gelucil Syrup”. People just take off the cap of the bottle and drink the syrup like water or cold drink to get rid of hyper acidity and indigestion. This habit casts a number of bad effects on body and mind, although it gives quicker relief. All the above innocuous methods can give permanent respite to stomach problems.


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