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How to Avoid Planetary Bad Effects : Saturn and Jupiter Inconjunct

Quincunx & Inconjunct: What’s that? Hardly anybody realized that on March 22, Jupiter became quincunx Saturn. It’s a unique phenomenon and originate when both the planets arrive 150 degrees from each other.

Symptoms and Remedies

Astrologically Jupiter Saturn inconjunct affects every sign sign in some or the other way, though both the great planets have almost nothing in common. Ancient Indian Astrologers and fortune tellers unanimously explained that when such planets of opposite tendencies meet in the sky the result will invariably be a confusion, lack of decision making capacity, loss of self esteem, increased self doubts and taking wrong steps. All the experts have advised that one should make proper adjustments in life on such occasions.

So if you are in a state of constant confusion, experiencing lack of confidence, start doubting your abilities and are living with low self esteem, please be prepared to pay some attention on the details of every issue. Take extensive secondary consultations. Discuss the matters with your family, friends and whoever you trust. Don’t curse the Gods that they have put you into discomfort. Try to prioritize the matters at hand and start your everyday routine with a memo note book.

You know that when Jupiter, the planet of intelligence and optimism, inconjuncts no-nonsense Saturn, it invariably results into a confusion in maintaining a balance between expansion and contraction. Saturn enables you to use the past experiences, opportunities and knowledge and creates a platform for the future. This planet is wrongly advocated as a cruel planet though it is very judicious. If you strive to maintain a balanced approach in every matter, it will never harm you. On the other hand Jupiter empowers & enables you to discover newer solutions. destiny-edited1

Saturn and Jupiter in some or the other way affect your power of judgment and delivering decisions. So at such point of time it’s better that you consult others. In fact it is never a bad habit to consult others and take the best suited decision according to the circumstances. If you start adjusting with the changing circumstances, try to accommodate others’ view point and in case you still remain confused; earnestly try not to repeat the same mistakes, you will be able to steer out of this testing phase of Jupiter quincunx Saturn! Are you ready. Rather, use the past as a stepping stone for the future. You may feel frustrated that you can’t do this immediately. However, the economic problems bubbling around you didn’t occur overnight. Creating and implementing solutions will also take time. Your ability to be flexible in the face of changing circumstances will help you navigate this time period. You will emerge a winner if you can mix optimism with a realistic approach.

Astrologically speaking, the continual planetary movement affects the events that shape our future, through out our life. The karmic theory of destiny suggests that you should not stop performing your genuine karma. Briefly, you must do your duty at every cost. Always maintain a trust in yourself that you are born to win.

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28 Responses

  1. Name- Lokesh Joshi
    Fathers Name – Suresh Chandra Joshi
    Date -06/04/1981
    Time -4:16 p.m
    Place- Almora
    I am a management graduate with approx 5 years of experience but still not settled and out of job now a days from quite a long time. Pls tell me when will I get the job which will help me grow professionally and financially. I am very disturbed

  2. Hi there!
    I would like to know about my future in the area of career and money. I am a stay at home Mum at the moment and looking for ideas on doing some sort of work from home. I just feel like I always come up against dead-end ideas though…
    I would really like to contribute to the family income so, any help would be greatly appreciated!
    My date of birth is 9 Jan 1970

    Thanks in advance!

  3. Sir,

    my dob is 21.09.1966 0hrs 5 min.

    Currently having a huge financial crisis. No business ventures are fruitful.
    Is this the effect of Saturn Transit? or anything else. How do I overcome this.

  4. my date of birth is 27.7.1963 time 12:03am at srinagar J&K? when shall I get settled financially?

    • Your prospects improved a lot after June 22. The bad phase already finished after 20 December 2008. You will be financially comfortable in 2009 and well settled around August 2010. No problems ahead. Mail me ( and I will send you a personalized report. I don’t think here we should discuss your personal info.

  5. Dear Sir,
    Details regarding me are :
    DOB : 21/10/1968
    TIME : 07 :30 A.M
    I am at this present moment in private incometax practice, but will joining a job be beneficial for me. Secondly, if i want to trade in shares, which shares (Industry) is suitable for me.

    • 1- Presently joining a job is your destiny. You will earn a great reputation and a very loyal base that will help you in your private practice later on.
      2- You may join Share market but it will be not beneficial at the moment. Extreme careful operation is advised or you loose beyond the point of recovery. Share market will yield you some good results after a great struggle. So play very safe. Lottery & shares are not for you till 2011.
      Please mail me directly at

  6. hi i wanted to ask about remedies for improving or probably having a everlasting sexual intercourse………is there any remedy for such erotic things??????and also about my career……my birth date is 19th april 1991……

  7. Hi,

    Please predict my future also, i lost my job, everything , wants to settle my life .
    Name – Arun Arya
    DOB — 04/08/1980.
    Place of birth — Meerut.

    Why all of a sudden i faced failures, humiliations, did nt get a single job. Its all because of Saturn.

    Please advice & i also wrote details to the email id given by you in this blog.


    • I would suggest you to mail me at, as committed I would answer your questions for free. This is not proper place to post your answer because your family issues and privacy should not be compromised publically. I hope you appreciate it.

  8. sir
    I was born on 29/05/1985 08:15 Am madurai T.N now i am residing cochin iam a share market dealer iam looking for a birth stone some say its emerald some say its agate what is my real birth stone?
    i have a lot problem regarding my studies and finance basicly i trade in options (nifty) will a birth stone help me get good fortune ? Sir will MKT crash on August 14?
    H.imam Hussain Ibrahim

  9. My dob 6 jan 1976.. 11:30 am delhi shahadara …lots of problems father betrayed us … no job no marriage … am tired of life … what to do ?

  10. my date of birth is 07/01/1954 at 01/10am in night near deori(m.p)

    whether share market is beneficial .pl tell about the field.

    with regards nirmal

    • Recently you suffered due to overspending or financial miscalculation. Minimize lending & borrowing. This year will positively give you great stability. Should not indulge in speculation at all till 09 July. YOU MUST REMAIN ALERT AND NOT OVERCONFIDENT ABOUT SHARES. MARKET SITUATION FOR YOU REMAIN UNSTABLE UP TO 9 JULY. After that great gain in every sphere.You may have a windfall later.

  11. Dear Deepu,
    Due to your zodiac traits you are very sentimental and are having some transitional problems. Eventually you are bound to bounce back. You have great spiritual and psychic qualities as well.
    Kindly provide me your place of birth as well and mail me directly quoting : IndianBlogger in the subject line. I will gift you the advice and reports for free.
    With Blessings,

  12. hi Sir,

    i was born on dec 6th 84. around 2.30 PM. i have not been able to concentrate on my career and education very well for about 3 yrs now. working but unhappy as well. i lose my focus very soon. can you please help me resolve my problems soon?



  13. Hello Mr.Ashok Sharma…
    I was reffered Ur Site with the help of my dearest Friend Mubashir…
    I wud Like to how will be my carrier in comming years???
    My age is 19 and i was born on 18th July 1989…
    And If u have a calender of that year can u please tell me wat is the star on that day after 9 PM as i dont know the exact time when i was born……

    • Dear Krishna Vyas
      Your Planet was Saturn and Nakshatra Rohini.
      You will get a desirable twist in the career as per your own wishes but you must try harder. The future is better than you expect and fear. Don’t harbor any doubts in mind.
      If you want more than please send me your exact place and time of birth. If not just send me your lucky day, color and numbers.
      With best compliments,

      • Good Evening Sir…
        I am From Andhra Pradesh.. I was Born in Hyderabad… My Date of birth is 18/07/1989….
        As per my parents knowledge my nakshatra is puravabardra or uttarabadra and i was born in between 9:00 Pm – 9:20 PM
        As i dont know my lucky colour,my Favourite Colour is RED and According to me my Lucky no is 72 and Never i thought about Lucky Day..
        And another submission sir will i be successful in my love life?

        • My calculations are correct.
          Your love life has no problems. The marital alliance may get delayed but you will be able to marry a faithful girl. Your love and career destiny both are outstanding.

  14. Ashok sir are you predicting stock market trends?if so from which site u r offering these services? plz let me know.

    • If you want to ask any public question, my services are free HERE.
      If you are seeking some professional consultation then it would be better if you please first read my profile, check my global ratings, credibility and accuracy (98.6%) at
      You may please mail me whatever you want to ask. My mail address is Kindly mark subject line as Re: IndianBlogger.
      And yes, it’s certainly possible to predict anything. Everything is nothing but a probability. Astrology is calculating the most accurate one.

    • Probably you did not read you reply earlier. I may provide you any service here too, for Free. Just keep asking.

  15. Hi Ashok ji..

    I didn’t understand, what kind of questions can we ask?
    Like I am worried about my exam results.. but somehow I get the feeling that is not a valid question, is it?

  16. This blog was created using mobile interface, so there may be some mistakes. I will re-edit it soon.