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How Mothers can guide their kids for better career options?

Home is the first school and mother is the first teacher. Home, your sweet home is all that you need to turn into a heaven of learning and love. The place of mother is supreme. A little child once stepped inside a gift shop to buy a gift on mother’s day. The shopkeeper suggested many things for her mother. She listened as if hypnotized while staring at the gifts on the shelves but finally broke down in a stream of tears. She told the shopkeeper that nothing matched the outstanding love of her mother for a buy. The shopkeeper finally packed a gift but refused to take the money from her hand. He said that is a gift of heart and more invaluable than a price.

Although there is a lot of career counseling now-a-days, nothing can replace the place of mother in playing a decisive role in suggesting a career. Mother is the only person who can give the right advice for career for her kids. History is replete with instances of women who successfully guided their offspring for the right professions.

Observe your child’s interests for the selection of right career-Now-a-days, a large percentage of mothers are qualified. You know your child like the back of your hand. For example, if your child has an unusual interest in drawing pictures, primarily you are responsible for giving positive feeding to your child’s natural interest.
Unless you do it, know for sure that growth of your child shall be stunted. There are parents who insist on stereotyped careers for their children which only ruin the lives of all of them. Observe your child’s interests which can be helpful for selecting a career.

Be empathetic to your children while they learn- The world of learning vital for the career of your child is always difficult. The weight of the bag on the back of your child goes on growing. Know for sure, the world outside your home would always be passing bucks to your child. Your child may be blamed for inattentiveness in the studies or for incapacity to grasp the topics in the important subjects. In many cases the child becomes extremely naughty and is blamed by everybody. As a mother, you need not beat the child but apply your understanding. A child is naughty because he is sharp witted and realistic. He finds every thing happening around him is only a farce.

A child was accompanied by his parents to a temple. There he refused to take the idols of deities as real Gods and Goddesses. He reasoned by his natural intelligence that how lifeless statues could be Gods. He denied prostrating before the statues. The father of boy was so enraged that he solidly slapped the cheek of the boy.

Your child’s natural inquisitiveness and stubborn attitudes are vital clues for a suitable career- If you are an intelligent mother, try to assess from the inquisitions of your child about his or her wavelength. It is not necessary that your wavelengths must match with those of your child. But as a mother you need to summarize and shape up those into a successful career. It is just like an idol-maker moulds the clay into a beautiful idol.

Had the parents of the above mentioned child been wise, they would have realized the realistic true spiritual meaning behind the words of the child. They could suggest the child to be a philosopher.

What if your child is excessively stubborn in everything?

As a mother you can again apply empathy to know the root cause behind the child’s stubbornness. The mother of a child in India was peeved while she saw the peculiar habit of her boy. The child would imitate the dance of the famous modern dancers standing before the television. The boy reacted sharply as his mother tried to restrain her. He was brilliant in his studies but more known for his interest in modern dance. The woman feared that the dance could damage the prospects of his studies. But one day her friend saw the boy dancing before the television aping a famous dancer. She observed that how extraordinarily the small boy performed without any coaching. She personally volunteered by taking the boy to a teacher in modern dance. Later the boy became a gifted dancer and actor. He makes his classmates green with envy now-a-days by his lavish living.

Pretend before the child to shape up his stubbornness- You should use the tactics of diplomacy with your children to make them agree to your guidance. Suppose you want in the core of your heart that your child should become a doctor. However your child does not agree to this stubbornly. Pretend before the child that how sad you are in your mind and heart because others have sons and daughters who have excelled in medical profession. Cry before your child if you can. This will of course touch the chords of his emotions. Stay away from your emotional flare-ups and consequent beating of the child.

Be professional with the tantrums of your child- At times your child might be behaving very weirdly. Your neighbors may call your child a mentally handicapped one, as they judge his mischievous pranks. But as a mother, you stick to your hopes for him.

Be a die-hard optimist. Optimism is real professionalism. As a mother you can select a career for your child right from his childhood.

As a professional mother, disallow the bad behavior of the child affect your marital relationship. Put as many examples as you can find before your husband about such instances where children were transformed into finest achievers in their later lives. Whatever he considers as serious offence on the part of a child can be very natural for his age.

The last but not the least act of professionalism is, as a mother you should never complain about your child before the strangers and in the social circles. This affects the psychology of the child in the worst way. Gradually your child gets alienated from others. It is because words travel faster than sound. Your child is not the sole case. There must be many cases in your neighborhood.

Consult only with doctors, child psychologists and experts in the field of child behavior and growth.
The responsibility of a mother remains throughout life without an end- Know for sure your responsibility as a career guide of your child will never end. We wept a lot when we read the instance of a mother of a General serving in the world war-II in the allied power. His mother kept on writing very inspiring letters to him in the darkest hours of war. Her letters were only hopes in the bitter conflict against enemy, literally served as beacons for victory. When the war ended and he went home, he found his mother had died much before. But she kept the letters post dated.


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3 Responses

  1. The mother treat the childearn is the best.

  2. I mean the cases about very stubborn children, not the normal ones. We receive complaints about very abnormal, violent behavior of children in school and at home. Very recently I got complaint about a boy who studies in the most prestigious school of our city that he tried beating his father with an iron rod. Normally parents also react in anger, beating and bruising the child. Gradually disharmony in the family grows up. Mother is the only person who can arouse the emotional bonding between parents and child. Her tears can calm down even the most violent child. It is not emotional black mailing rather reinforcing the emotional bond of love that once existed in the relationship. Tears, kisses, hugging the child can even disarm his stubborn behavior and ferocious attitudes. The disturbing news that we receive from psychologists in India is that the cases of mental disorders among the children is on the rise because of pressure of study and family affairs. We therefore continue suggesting parents to reinforce the emotional bond without showing rash and worried behavior.

  3. “Pretend before the child that how sad you are in your mind and heart because others have sons and daughters who have excelled in medical profession. Cry before your child if you can. ” – This is a very poor presentation of situation. I don’t understand why a mother should emotionally blackmail a child. A child certainly understands a parents concern, if it is genuine. Also, this statement shows mother’s in poor light. If your intention was to convey something different, then it should be rephrased.