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Importance of Children learning to be Independent

As a baby grow up, all parents become possessive about the kid and try to guide the kid to a better future. Parents want to secure their child’s future and make every effort to protect them from getting spoilt or getting swayed away by wrong things. Being protective about the child is good but sometimes the parents become so protective that this makes the child more and more dependant on them. In a way that hampers the proper growth of the child.

In the current competitive world, it is very important that a person is self sufficient and self dependant. If parents think that their child will become independent when they will grow up then they are living in fool’s paradise. A child should be taught to be independent from his childhood and it is the responsibility of the parents to make their child think and work independent. As you might have heard people saying “A child is like wet mud, you can give it whatever shape you want”. I think that is important for parents to understand.

An independent person is a confident person. Self confidence helps a man to develop his thinking and judgmental power. A self sufficient person not only takes his own decision but also helps other people. Our life is full of ups & downs. Everybody has to go through crisis situations where we need to take decisions to overcome the situations. If a person is not independent then it will be very tough for him to take the right decision. He will seek other’s decisions to come out of the crisis. If a person cannot himself then nobody can help him to come out of the crisis.

The most important aspect of being independent is that by the time a person reaches his youth, his parents have also reached their old age. It is the time that we should take the responsibility of our parents. If we are not independent and are still dependant on our parents then we will not only make our life uncomfortable but will also push our parents towards unnecessary tension. Neither the parents nor the child can live a happy life.

It is my experience that a successful man is always a independent man. If a person cannot take independent decisions and take actions confidently then he can never excel in his job. I would prefer to take a self sufficient person in my team rather than a person who will always seek my advice for any kind of work.

It is obvious that nobody can make a fool of a person who is confident, self sufficient and independent. He can use his judgmental ability to sort out things. People will trust a person who is self-sufficient. It is human psychology that we will never seek advice from a person who himself seeks advice from others.

Now it is every parents responsibility to make his child independent. Like any other habit, the tendency to be independent also needs to be taught to a child. Parents can try the following methods to make their children independent :

  • As a child grows up, encourage him or her to do their daily chores by themselves. Let them brush their teeth, bathe, iron their clothes by themselves.
  • When arranging for their birthday party, let them plan the guest list. This will let them know to arrange any event independently. This will help them later in colleges and job life when they can take responsibilities to arrange events or parties.
  • Buy a separate wardrobe for your kids so that he can arrange his own belongings. The new wardrobe will not only make the kid happy but will also help him take responsibility of his own things.
  • When going for grocery shopping take your kids with you and give them the responsibility to pick up a part of the grocery. As he grows up you can increase his responsibilities and ask him to buy the grocery alone without your help.
  • As the kids approach their teens, you can ask your children to deposit electric bills, telephone bills during the weekends.
  • While studying let your child make a daily routine and follow it. If a child makes his own routine then it will help him to analyze himself and accordingly he can allot more or less time on the weak and strong subjects respectively.
  • As a child approaches his youth, include him in the family discussions and ask for his suggestions.
  • Discuss your issues and concerns with your child and let  him feel that he is as independent as you are and his decisions do have some impact on the family.

It should be remembered that a child has a very delicate base. It is the parents guidance that strengthens the base and makes a solid foundation for the future. So it is my request to every parent that protect your child but don’t spoil them. Again a child should not be given so much independence that he is misled to a bad future. As a child grows up, it is the parents responsibilities to head your child towards a better secured future.


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