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How effective are the Garlic pills?

Traditionally you know garlic as a major herbal medicine for blood-pressure. People in Egypt took it as a major builder of strength and vitality. It is often praised as a wonderful medicine for many diseases like common cold, flu, blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity and stress. Some even have been cured of acne by taking raw garlic. It is also effective as a natural mosquito repellant. It has been widely used as an herbal medicine.

Garlic has sulphur content and it is also the opinion of many people that organically grown garlic has more sulphur level and hence it gives more benefits to health. Some people prefer to take garlic supplements. Garlic pills have the advantage of avoiding garlic breath.

Garlic pills are strong Anti-oxidant- Garlic is a strong Anti-oxidant. It saves the body from the damaging “free radicals”. Free Radicals are caused by outer environmental factors such as pollution, radiation, smoke and herbicides. Those damage the living cells of the body to a great extent and garlic pills act potentially to neutralize their effects.

There are two medical ingredients in garlic which produce the health benefits. Those are Allicin and diallyl sulphytes.

The good effects of Allicin- Allicin is the most powerful medicinal compound derived from Garlic., which gives great health benefits. Allicin is derived from garlic when it is finely chopped and crushed. Allicin is of great use in treating skin diseases.
The good effects of Diallyl Sulphytes- Diallyl sulphytes are less powerful than Allicin. But still it gives benefits to health. It improves the immune system of your body. It helps the blood circulation and eradicates coronary problems.

Garlic pills are great substitutes for an effective exercise regimen- Garlic pill makes a wonderful health supplement but those are not helpful if not used with a good exercise regimen and prudent eating. It should be seen as part of a healthy lifestyle – not as an alternative to it.

Effects of garlic pills on heart- Garlic pills prevent the formations of blood clots in the heart. It has one ingredient called “Ajoene”, which prevents the risk of heart attacks to a great extent.

Garlic pills lower the risk of cancer- Studies show that taking cloves of garlic or garlic pills reduce the risk of colorectal, prostate and stomach cancers by more than fifty percent.

Garlic pills are helpful in controlling cold and stress- This has been traditionally prescribed that if chopped cloves of raw garlic are mixed with mustard oil and after getting it warmed in the fire, it is applied on the body and feet of the person then it removes cold and severe stress. Almost all the athletes take garlic pills to fight stress and develop stamina. It is because garlic used in cooking almost loses all its medicinal qualities. Therefore consuming either cloves of raw garlic or garlic pills is helpful in preventing diseases and developing immunity.

For blood pressure patients garlic pills are a must- Blood pressure is important for the functioning of your heart. The risk of heart attack is very high for the people who suffer from high blood pressure. Usually you take anti-biotic for the control of high blood pressure. But if you take two garlic pills and supplement them with a good exercise regimen, your blood pressure will improve to a great extent.

Garlic pill are very helpful to maintain good cholesterol levels and reduce obesity- If you are suffering from high cholesterol and consequent obesity, just take two garlic pills in a day after physical exercise. Gradually it will control your cholesterol and reduce obesity.

Garlic pills remove acne and other skin problems- “Allicin” in the garlic pills helps in removing acne and other reactions on skin by making your blood pure. It also makes your blood circulation better.



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