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Healing and Helping Colors – Wear Colors not Gems

Can’t Afford Gems? Wear Lucky Colors!

Chakras and their position in body

Every religion in the world recognizes gems and their effects on human beings in one or the other way. For centuries it’s believed that colors affect our health, body parts, mental harmony and even our emotions. Colors are vibrating electromagnetic energy. Everything in nature and inside our body too has some vibrant color.

Even modern scientists and medical experts believe that our body has specific energy fields (charkas). These chakras emit different colors when we are healthy or ill. There is another science of reading and interpreting these light radiations, called Aura. We also see these colors in Rainbows. When light is analyzed, the outcome is VIBGYOR rays representing respectively VIOLET, INDIGO, BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW, ORANGE & RED colors of light.

In one of a rare ancient religious Hindu book, “KURMA PURANA”, each of the seven planets in the solar system are defined as the condensations of any of the seven cosmic rays. The modern science also supports this ancient reasoning in a different manner. Our very own planet Earth is supposed to be the greatest condensation of the cosmic rays manifested in the form of natural gem stones. Interestingly we have a system of medicines and therapies called chroma therapy that harnesses the medicinal qualities of the above VIBGYOR rays.

In this post I would like to concentrate on the healing and helping qualities of colors with this note that though Chroma Therapy is very effective and without any side effects but it should never be considered as a substitute of professional physician or medical super specialist.

Gems, Colors and Diseases:

  • Violet: May effectively cure Nervous and Mental Disorders like Neurosis, Neuralgia, Sciatica, Epilepsy, Meningitis, Rheumatism, Rheumatic Pains, Asthma and Skin Disorders. When Violet is combined with other colors such as Fluorescent Red, Saffron Red and Blood Red this it cures a number of other Breathing, Lungs and Vocal chord. Violet with its cognate color purple is a powerful healing agent with a direct influence on the brain and nerves. Violet light is a great help in meditation and concentration of a spiritual nature.
  • Indigo : Extremely effective in facial paralysis, eye, ear, nose and throat complications, pneumonia, bronchitis, most types of coughs, Dyspepsia, Insanity, Appendicitis & Purulent Tonsillitis. It is effective in Genital Urinary organs and Kidney related complications.
  • Blue : Very effective in most of the Hormonal problems, throat infections, helps cure Laryngitis, Sore Throat, Pharyngitis, Goiter, Whooping cough, Tonsillitis, Hoarseness & to some extent Obesity as well. Almost invariably it helps restore Glandular System to normalcy. 4. Green: It especially favors Heart, restores Blood pressure, and cures Ulcers, Cancer, Headache, Neuralgia, Influenza, Syphilis, and Erysipelas. Green Gem therapy is found every effective in Burns, Skin diseases.
  • Yellow: Helps restore Liver & Stomach functions. It fights Constipation; bile related issues & disorders help cure Diabetes, Hemorrhoids, Eczema, Leprosy, and Nervous Debility. Yellow gem therapy is widely used world over to cure Depression, Jaundice and Piles.
  • Orange: Very helpful in Chronic Asthma, high Fever, Bronchitis, Wet cough, Gout, Chronic Rheumatism, Nephritis, Gall Stones, Prolepses, Menopause & Mental Debility. Hemorrhages, bleeding from any organ, Diarrhea, Insomnia, Kidney infections and Urinary tract.
  • Red: Helps body fight all Blood related diseases. Used in Anemia, Debility, colds etc. This color is also useful in several types of Impeding Collapse with profuse sweat and cold extremities. Mentally deficient children also need this color to activate their brain.
  • Ultra Violet: Excessive heat sensation in the body can be controlled with this color useful in Insomnia, Mental disturbances & this color is found useful in developing resistance in AIDS infections as well.
  • Infra Red: This color is found to be very effective in the cases of cold superimposition and near death circumstances due to chilling weather exposure. Also found useful in cancer, paralysis, Osteoporosis, Arthritis and chronic Dysentery.

Wear Colors not GemsColor Wheel

Now, you understand the colors and their medico-astrological significance. So, what are you thinking? Buying costly Gems and stones? No! I don’t support such decisions, because with the changing planetary situation, it’s quite possible that one lucky gem become useless after sometime. The better way is to know your favorable colors and wear them mostly. The best strategy is to wear shirts and tops of your most lucky colors and secondary colors as combinations. Here is an interesting list of days and their colors.

Lucky Colors and the Days

  • Sunday- Yellow represents the Sun. It helps you attain authority, divine power, friendships, healing, learning, and prosperity.
  • Monday- White represents the Moon. It helps your creativity, imagination, elevates mood, support family life, intuition, improve medication results, helps reconciliation, and positive emotions.
  • Tuesday- Red represents the Mars. Helps you in competitions, personal and professional conflicts, provides you courage and enhances your strategic capabilities. This color makes your mind active and alert.
  • Wednesday- Purple, the color of planet Mercury. This is best for attaining and maintaining communication skills, divination, concentrating in studies, gives you a mystical insight; helps improve self-improvement, artistry and psychic capabilities.
  • Thursday- Blue, the color of planet Jupiter. It improves your concentration, thinking, makes you goal oriented, helps control over your team, encourages endurance, supports you in legal issues and boosts overall good luck.
  • Friday- Green, the color of planet Venus. Supports every creative activity, improves sexual prowess and fertility, helps attract loved ones and assures pleasure.
  • Saturday- Black, represents planet Saturn. This color helps you expel unfavorable changes, makes you fearless and highly motivated. It supports understanding of complex situations.

Please note that it is quite possible that in Color Therapy some color doesn’t suit you at all. If that happens please consult it with me for free. Please make sure that you provide me with your exact date (dd/mm/yyyy), time and place of birth.


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