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Computer Hacking – How do they do it?

Hacking is the process of getting access to other computer or networks without authorization. It is a method which is aspiring youngsters to show their skills and consider hacking as art with modern technology. There also companies who employ hackers as their technical staff to find loopholes in their network so that they can be repaired.

hacking methodsPassword hacking:

It is nothing but installing software in a computer which can tap all the key strokes in computer and stores all information about the keystrokes that can be used to hack personal accounts. So it is always advisable not to access personal accounts in public computers. The other method is trying all combination of alphabets and numerals along with special characters using a brute-force algorithm.

There are also spam emails which have links along with it. When you click the link, software will be installed to gain access to your computer. So the best way to prevent these you run a business is to prevent access to install software to all employees. To prevent spam mails you can install a firewall to block suspicious emails.

IP spoofing:

IP spoofing means creation of internet packets with fake IP addresses. Internet protocol is the basis of internet which contains source IP address and destination IP address. Once the source IP is forged and when the packet reaches the destination there are chances the destination might be hacked.

Ingress filtering

One of the remedy to prevent these type of attack is packet filtering. One such mechanism for packet filtering mechanism is call ingress filtering. It is a method where packets are blocked from unknown sources. So in order to execute ingress filtering the network should know the source IP address prior.

TCP sequencing:

The Transmission control protocol uses a mechanism to prevent spoofing where the packets contain number sequence for all packets received from the source. In a way the destination authenticate the packets with reference to sequence numbers. So when the hacker sends a spoofed packet he will never know the sequence of which the packets are being sent. So improper sequence numbers means it’s a spoofed packet.

Website hacking:

It is the process of gaining access to the website and changing the information associated with the website. Apart from gaining access, a website can also be hacked for passwords.

One of the best methods to protect a website is to have it encrypted.  All web development languages like java script, PHP, JSP can be used for encryption. However they are vulnerable to hackers as they use superior mechanism to break into the site. Hackers can easily get the source code of the site just by right clicking on the website. Hackers mainly use Linux based shell scripting to hack the website.

So prevent website hacking it is advisable for the developers to prevent right clicking anywhere in the website. Also use encryption techniques for the source code.

Wireless hacking:

It is a very common mechanism of utilizing others internet. Whenever your network is detected by others it can be easily hacked. There are Air cracks software packages available to break your password protected network. So is advisable to have a password protection. However it can be easily broken. So the best way to protect your network is have MAC authentication. This is a method which authenticates computers with listed MAC’s.

Hacking is always good when done within your network, but considered an offence when done outside.

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