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Gold Supremacy

Gold is a unique metal with immense beauty. There are evidences that prove that even the primitive men were obsessed with gold. Though gold was practically of no use to them, as they could never make a weapon from it, they stored it as a treasure. Gold has a luster that never fails to catch attention. Early men were of the notion that gold, with its outstanding beauty, possessed magical powers that could protect them from adversaries. Without doubt, it can be stated that no other metal in the universe has enslaved mankind as gold.

It was in Egypt that the first gold mining took place in BC 2000. They were surprised at the softness of the yellow metal and used it to craft ornaments and statues. It is also the Egyptians who first realized that gold is absolutely unaffected by the acts of nature. It can last forever without even as much as a stain on it. Gold will never rust or crumble. It is impervious to humidity and heat. No change in climate will ever alter the quality of gold. There is no other element in nature that can claim all these qualities at once.

Gold is a relatively rare metal since gold mines are not liberally spread on earth. But still, gold is the only metal that is so abundantly distributed allover the world.   The largest mining of gold is carried out in South Africa followed by Siberia, Canada and Alaska. Apart from these, gold mines are found in almost all the continents other than Antarctica.

Gold as a symbol of goodness and health

In many countries, gold is considered as the symbol of wealth, health and supremacy. This noble metal is inevitable in any auspicious and traditional function, especially in a country like India. Some even believe that gold has numerous health benefits and that it promotes physical strength, if consumed with milk. There are historical records that many of our kings and queens had ‘gold powder’ mixed with a glass of milk after dinner.  Though science holds proof against the nutritional benefits of gold, most people like to believe the other way.

Gold as jewelry

Gold is the best medium available for a jeweler. Owing to its malleability, gold can be transformed into any shape or size, which is one of the major reasons why gold has been the craftsman’s and customer’s favorite alike.  It can be melted any number of times without compromising on its color and purity. The term ‘karat’ indicates the quantity of gold in a jewel. Higher the rate of karat, higher will be the rate of gold. 24 karat gold is considered to be the most valuable. Since gold is soft, it is mixed with other metals for better firmness.

Gold as a smart choice of savings

Gold can also be viewed as a financial asset that will never diminish its value, especially in the current state of affairs. It helps to cope with inflation and economic instability to an extent. Well then, it is not an exaggeration to declare that ‘gold rules’.

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