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Future is Techie!!!

There won’t be any day in our lives when we don’t crib about something or the other, which could have been better. This continuous improvement expectation is something which leads to technological innovations which intends to make our life easier than before. May be at certain cost, but we would keep that aside for the time being. Here we would try to look how some inquisitive brains are trying to reshape the gadget world with a plethora of innovative and cool devices. The devices that I am going to talk about are mostly at the conceptualization stage. So without much ado lets look into the first set of gadgets.

1. Cut what you intend to take: cuttingscale
Strange isn’t it? What kind of device is this you must be wondering? It is actually a cutting board for vegetables. You might wonder as to how a gadget as old as a cutting board qualify to be called a futuristic device. The twist is here; It is not just another cutting board. It displays the weight when you cut the vegetable. So, lets say you want to eat 35 gram of a vegetable you can stop cutting the vegetable at the instant it reaches 35 grams. Isn’t it cool? I can definitely sense the health conscious housewives nodding their heads in unison.


2. Transparent toaster: I think it is something which would resolve lot of problems that are associated with toaster. Problems of identifying the right bake and stuff!! Coincidentally this is again another device which would please the homemakers. And this is actually a coincidence and not an attempt to resolve all the problems to day-to-day work of housewives. The device uses special heating glass to warm a single slice of bread. The gadget is still in the conceptualization stage. There are problems like the glass doesn’t attain enough temperature to bake the bread properly. But work is in progress to make it happen. So, it seems future will be for transparent cooking!!

3. The complete beer solution: self_beear_canm Yes guys! You can smile now! As it seems someone is also thinking about us. This is the self cooling beer can. So all the problems with heating up of beer can be gone one day in the future. You can have your own mobile self cooling beer can. It is the first of its kind. It has been developed by Tempra Technology and Crown Holdings in partnership. It looks like a normal 500 ml can, but it have inbuilt self-cooling device that reduces the temperature of the contents by a minimum of 30 degree F ( 16.7 degree C) in just three minutes. Isn’t that really cool both conceptually and literally?

4. The spoon with senses: Imagine if it was possible to taste the food while cooking without actually tasting the food. Confused!! In simple terms what I mean to say is that, lets assume you are cooking a dish and you want to check the salinity of the dish. The option before you is to taste and check the salt content. But in future you might be doing it with a spoon. Yes a spoon!! The Intelligent Spoon!! It has been developed by Connie Chang and Leonardo Bonanni. The spoon derives its intelligence from the sensors that are attached to it. The sensors are used to measure temperature, acidity, salinity and viscosity. These sensors collect the data. The data can be downloaded to a PC through cable. It can then be used for analysis. No wonder if in future we see a spoon talking to the user of the spoon and suggesting which dish to eat based on taste.


5. Lighten up your steps: new_walk_1This is a footwear which is called Bright Walk. The reason behind the strange name is that when u wear it and run or walk the footwear produces light. The Piezo-electric sensors present in this gadget converts the impact from running or walking into static energy. This static energy is then utilized by the electro luminescent polymers to produce light. So, your every step is illuminated. The device can be promoted by highlighting the safety advantages for runners. Wow!! What a concept!!

I think it would be appropriate to stop at this juncture today. Watch out this space for more on futuristic devices which are going to give us a techie future!!


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9 Responses

  1. thanks for giving this wonder full information ,,,

  2. thanks for giving this information ,, thanks,,

  3. Well, article with multiple technology…. coooooool.. Looking forward to some more gadgets.. keep writing.. :)

  4. A very informative article about some of the things that will make our lives comfortable (?) in future- i knew about only one of the five things prior to reading the article Pradipta please tell me more about such technologically advanced devices in your blog-it is very interesting to read about them!!!!

  5. As a working persona and a homemaker (a term I definitely prefer over housewife as if a person can be marrried to the house) all the gadgets get a nod Shoes with light and sounds are already available for toddlers, they squeak when th baby walks,

    My question whn are the chopping board and the spoon going to be available in the market?

    • The toddler shoes are not using the technology which is just converting energy from one form to another…
      The toaster and the chopping board are at the conceptualization stage and it is yet to go to production.. I will update if I get any further news… :-)

  6. I want the toaster and the chopping board…………….. very interesting article…………..
    Want to know about some more stuff……………..