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Fun Games for Birthday Party

Birthday party means fun and lots of fun. And how can the fun be complete without games? Simple party games are enough to make the kids laugh, jump and enjoy to their hearts content. Select games according to the age of the children. If the invited children are of different ages, they can be grouped according to their age. Here is a list of some simple party games for children-
1. Passing the parcel – This is the most popular party game which can be played in two ways. In this game the children sit in a circle. They have to pass an item (eg. Pillow, a small box, ball etc.) to the child on their right. This passing continues till the music stops. When the music stops, the child holding the parcel at that time is out of the game. The one who remains at the end is the winner. This is one way of playing the game. A variant of this can be, making the child, who has the parcel at the time of the stopping of the music, do something like reciting a poem, backward counting, mimickry etc., before leaving the game. The one who performs the best also gets a gift along with the one who remains not out till the end. Write down the ‘what to do’ in small chits and ask the children to pick randomly.
2. Memory game- Place about 10-15 different items on a plate. Let the children have a look at the items for 1 minute and then remove/cover the plate with the items. The children now have to write down all the items on a sheet of paper in 10 minutes. The one who writes the maximum number of items is the winner.
3. Riddles- Make a list of the things in your room. Make riddles on them and ask one by one. Ask the children to look around the room and guess the answer. The one who gives the highest number of answers will be the winner.
4. Musical chair- Again a popular party game. Take chairs one less than the total number of players. Arrange the chairs in a line with each chair facing the opposite direction of its neighboring chairs. The children run around the line of chairs with the music. As soon as the music stops, they have to sit on the nearest chair. No one can cross the line from between two chairs. The one who does not get a chair is out. Winner is the one who plays till the end.
5. Treasure hunt- Hide a few small items like pen, key chain etc., in the room and ask the children to search. Whoever is the fastest will win.
6. Dart Game- Throwing the dart on target.
7. Tail the horse- A big picture of a horse, donkey or any animal is put on the wall. Take a piece of ribbon or any tail like thing  and put a drawing pin in it. The child who turn it is to tail the animal is blindfolded and asked to insert the pin at the place where the tail should be. Whoever is the nearest, wins the game. You can also put a large sketch of a woman’s face and let a children put ‘bindi’ on it’s forehead.
8. Grab the balloons- Place lot of full blown balloons on the floor and ask the kids to grab as many balloons as they can. They cannot take anyones help or keep the balloons anywhere. They have to hold all the balloons. Time frame can be allotted. One who can grab the most number of balloons is the winner.
9. Simon says- Some elder person can become Simon or the leader. He has to say things like- ‘Simon says bend your head’ or ‘Simon says look up’. The children have to do what Simon says.  If suddenly Simon does not say ‘Simon says’, but says just ‘look left’etc., then the children who look left will be out. They have to act only when Simon says the complete sentence, ‘ Simon says look left’.
10. Lemons in a bowl- Children have to push lemons into a bowl using their nose. The one who puts the maximum number of lemons in the bowl within a fixed time wins.
11. Spoon & lemon/marble race- Children race or move around holding a spoon with lemon on it, in their mouth. One who can carry on the longest wins.
12. Housie or tambola
13. Mystery guess game- Put a few items in a thick cloth and tie it. Children have to feel the objects and name them. You need to change the objects for every child.
14. Making the tallest playing card castle
15. Fishing- You will need many small fishes with magnet in their mouth and fishing line again with magnet. Put the fishes water in a children bath tub and ask them to catch the fishes using the fishing line. The one who catches the most within the given time will win. This game is good for kids below five.
16. Pop the balloon- The one who can burst the maximum number of balloons within five minutes will win.
17. Antakshari- This musical game can be played in teams and as individuals also. Make the children sit in a circle. Turn by turn each one will sing a song starting with the last letter of the previous song. Everyone has to start singing within two minutes If he/she fails, he/she will be out of the game. Similarly word /name game can be played.

18. Blow out candles- Light 10 candles. The children (one by one) will have to blow out the candles in one chance. The one who can blow out the most wins.
These were a few indoor games. If you have a garden or big play area, some other games like dodge ball, Dog & the bone, outdoor treasure hunt etc. can also be played. Like the food menu and return gifts, you can also create or innovate popular party games, and enjoy with the kids!


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