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Flourishing fast food industry in India

India is a fertile economy for international products and companies. This can be obviously understood from the ever-increasing growth of fast food industries in India. There is about 40 % of increase each year in this field, making billions of profit.  Ease in the availability of raw materials is the most striking factor. Being inspired by this a lot of global companies are flying to India to make the most out of us.

The global fast food manufacturers like McDonalds, KFC and Dominos have already occupied a firm position in India. Of course they have numerous dynamic aspects that have allured us to them like utmost service, supreme quality of products, innovative practices, acquisition of new trends, hard work for progress and impervious focus on improvement.

McDonalds have managed to open more than 75 outlets in India and Dominos have around 100. Pizza Hut is nearing 150. Each of the outlets entertains thousands of guests regularly. The foreign investment in fast food industry crossed 4000 millions last year and even more is expected in the years to come.

Reasons for the flourish of fast food industry in India

  • The transformation of gender roles- Earlier, women were supposed to cook for the family while men worked out for an income. But now the responsibilities of house hold affairs are shared equally by men and women. Now a days both the husband and the wife go for work and they find it easier to substitute home meals with fast food.
  • Scarcity of time- The world today is very busy and people have no time to spare even to talk to others. This lack of time, urges people to go after ‘ready to eat food’ so that they waste no time for cooking.
  • Working women- The increase in the number of women who go for work is an important reason for the popularity of fast food trends. Working women prefer to rely on fast food when they are in tight work schedule (sometimes even if not). Another reason is that most of the working women oppose being stereotyped by the tradition of cooking and family rearing.
  • The option of double income- People are acquiring income through many ways. When there is a hike in the income, people naturally go for more ways spend it.  Fast food is seen as a fine option for disbursement.
  • Population increase- Our population is increasing considerably each year which also means that the number of consumers for global goods is also increasing remarkably. This is also a good reason for the prosperity of fast food industry in India.
  • Change in the attitude to food culture- Previously people we more interested in homely food and didn’t really like to have food from hotels and restaurants unless it was extremely necessary. But now this attitude has changed. ‘Dining out’ has now become stylish and cool.

Though it is a fact that fast food addiction has serious effects on health, it has undoubtedly emerged as an approved lifestyle.

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