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Findout Astrologically, Who Actually Are YOUR Biological Parents?

How much YOU know about your REAL Parents?

All over the world it’s traditionally believed that the Fourth House in our horoscope and the mysterious Moon anywhere in the chart describes a lot about our birth secrets, parents and social identity. Other houses in the horoscope also tell us a lot about every issue in our life. Also important here are family history, cultural and societal norms, and ways of being. All of these are ruled by the Fourth House, as are our ancestry, roots and heritage. The Fourth House brings things full circle by also addressing old age, endings and our final resting place. Especially it is the fourth house that describes a lot about our real or hidden parents, mentors, family, home and our lost or continuing relationship with our real father and mother. Therefore, the Fourth House which is ruled by Cancer and Moon, is also considered as the House of the Mother, the Parent or the Nurturer. The Fourth House represents family, history and traditions as well.

The role each parent plays in a child’s development may be the safest means for locating parents in a chart. We mayDo you know that your horoscope contains a lot of secret information about your birth related hidden factors? The twelve houses of the horoscope reveal a lot about our personality, temperament, constitution, possessions, relationships, our origins, the parents, home and the circumstances influencing our births and childhood. easily find these ‘parenting factors’ in our 10th. house. The 4th house may also describe the ‘hidden parent’ the one whose influence may have been less outwardly visible, but possibly stronger at ‘biological’ level.
Different Houses, Different Secrets

The fifth house is no less significant, it describes how we relate to our childhood days and any mystery enveloping that period. The sixth house in the horoscope describes the circumstances that influence our mentality and lives. This includes our behavior towards our real life brothers and sisters, subordinates and certain specific traits identical to our real or biological parents. The seventh house sign and planets tell us more about our father, forefathers and other relationships in the family.

Interestingly the relationships of the eighth and fourth house reveal whether we belong to our parents or were separated away from them in any manner. Basically this house supposed to have an affinity to death, losses, separations and all things metaphysical. The ninth house in the horoscope indicates a lot about our spiritual leaning and factors influencing our life philosophy. The ninth and fourth houses’ relationship may sometime reveal if we had any ‘journey’ (engineered, planned, manipulated, willingly or unwillingly) to a new family which was not our biological family at the time of our birth. Traditionally this house tells about the real mother of any child and the possibility of adoption by other parents. The eleventh house also shows our relationship with our real and possible family and the society in which we live presently. The twelfth house represents any hospitals, prisons and psychiatric institutions associated with our lives. It also indicates a lot about adoption, surrogate births and even the possibility of a sperm donating father (though his location and real identity could never be ascertained astrologically). The 4th house nurtures us like a lunar mother, it sustains us like a father Sun.


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