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Fighting Depression

Depression comes in silently, without much visible warnings. It should be curtailed as soon as one realizes it approaching, because otherwise depression is like a deep swamp which can suck one fatally. You have to fight it out before it sucks you in.

Most often there are some clear causes, some unfortunate happenings in life which trigger depression. Most common are –

  • Stress related to exams, job deadlines.
  • Financial difficulties.
  • Failure in love, marriage, exams, promotion etc.
  • Chronic disease.
  • Death of near & dear ones.

Sometimes depression sets in without any apparent reason. We do not find anything in our immediate surrounding to cause depression; still we find it engulfing us. At such times, trying to find the cause itself removes half the problem. This is more common among women with limited social interactions. Two subtle causes for such depression are-

  • Weather conditions – Continuous foggy, dark cloudy days, incessant rains can cause depression.
  • Menopause & Pre-menstrual hormonal changes in women.

Ways to fight depression-

  • Avoid being alone – Loneliness increases the depressing feelings. When we are alone we tend to go back to all the negative events & memories, which have triggered the depression in us. So distractions are important. Try always to be with friends and family members.
  • Share your feelings – Just tell someone that you are feeling bad. Tell the person the cause of your depression, how you are feeling. Cry your heart out. Merely telling someone lightens the heart & mind significantly.
  • Socialize – Meeting different people from different walks of life slowly makes us forget our problems. When we go out and interact with different people, we get to see & learn about their experiences too. There are many examples around us, who might have suffered hardships graver than ours but still smiling. Such knowledge gives us the strength to smile.
  • Go out for a hilarious movie – Go to Movie hall with your friends and enjoy a funny movie.
  • Step out of the house – Enjoy a stroll in a beautiful park, or go shopping in a mall, or visit a restaurant. You can go for a picnic and plan a vacation too.
  • Yoga – Yogic exercises, particularly the breathing exercises are very effective in treating depression.
  • ExercisePhysical exercise too releases certain hormones that help in fighting away depression.
  • Keep yourself busy – Indulge in hobbies like gardening, caring for the pets etc. which lets you think beyond yourself. If not hobbies, just clean and rearrange your room!
  • Avoid writing a diary – This is because we happen to write mostly the things that have affected us negatively. We need to come out of negativity, so it’s better to leave them behind. Telling those feeling to a friend is more beneficial than quietly writing.

These are some simple ways to handle depression when it has set in.

There are ways to avoid depression too. These are

  • Pursue some hobbies. They are very relaxing.
  • Develop spirituality – Spirituality is different from religion and it is not just for the old. It is about the real purpose of life. It helps us to understand & accept life as it comes.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Meditation.
  • Improve your social life.
  • Visit places – Plan for picnics and vacations at regular intervals to keep in touch with nature and people.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Parents should closely monitor the mood changes in their children, particularly around the time of exams & results. Take positive steps at the very first sign of depression. Help them plan out their time, lifestyle from an early age.
  • Care for plants, pets & your neighbor.
  • Enjoy nature with all its amazing, beautiful ways.
  • Have faith! Time & smile are great healers.

Wishing a happy healthy smiling life to everyone!!!


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