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Fantastic Craft of Sand Sculpturing


Another Extreme Art Form us-sand-sculpting-championship
These days even Sand Sculpturing has developed into an extreme art form. Ask anything from contemporary politicians, global issues and cruel realities of life to fantastic fairy tales’ characters, a modern sand sculptors would create them in given format and detail. Yes, today Sand Art is almost touching the reality it has an incredible detail, outstanding creativity and it’s simply beyond imagination.

Every year we have several Sand Art Championships and Competitions around the world. We have them in India, Aurstralia, Germany, Brazil, Japan, Belgium, USA, China, Spain, Canada.

Sand Art Championship Tournaments

The best and ultimate Sand Art Championship Tournaments is held at Harrison Hot Springs, British Colombia. Here are some superb sculptures from these events.

sand-sculpture9 sand-sculpture1

The Harrison Hot Springs Sand Sculpture Society invited former World Champions and multiple-medal winners from the past seventeen years of the World Championships of Sand Sculpture to compete as Doubles in the 2nd Annual Vancouver Sun Tournament of Sand Sculpture Champions. All entries started carving from the top down over the next thirty-six hours of competition. They worked eight-hour days on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

sand-sculpture27Some other places in the U.S. like Florida, Oregon, Texas, Virginia invariably showcase the undisputed masters of Sand Craft like Amazin Walter, Rich Varano ‘The Sultan of Sand’, William Lloyd, Carl Jarra and Suzzane Altamare. Despite their well established master craft person’s status they compete with the upcoming sand artists from all over the world.

Traditional Themes, Great Visuals

sand-jesus2 sand-buddha2 sand-ganesha1

Although the Sand Sculptures are impossible to preserve but this limitation fail to dampen the spririts of the Sand Sculpturists and every time they keep on evolving more and more delicately complex themes beyond the traditional sand castles, forts, fairy tale & comic characters, animals, celebrities, dragons, maidens and other contemporary themes.

sand-congrats-obama1 Sudarsan Patnaik creation wishing Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's speedy recovery after a heart surgery recently.

How it’s Done
Every Sand Sculpture requires a lot of sand mapping, designing, layout, planning,detailing and fishing to infuse some life into them.
First of all the area where some sculpture is about to be made, is mapped. The artists then start shaping the sand by slowly developing the molds into finer shapes. this process takes hours of untiring and patient sculpturing. It’s painfully slow. Sometimes the modern artists mix some adhesives as well to make the sand stay in shape for hours.
Here are some pictures for you to understand the process. These artist are seen working on their sand sculptures at the Sand Sculpting Australia exhibition “DinoStory” at Frankston Waterfront held on December 19, 2008 in Melbourne, Australia.

sand-artist-at-job12 sand-artist-at-job21

The exhibition, took 21 artists three weeks to construct, and was open to the public from December 26 to April 25. (both the following photos by Luis Enrique Ascui/Getty Images AsiaPac). You may see that the Sand Artwork basically runs into several steps. Selecting the area, shaping the sand roughly, gradually carving out the shapes, making them stay at place using water sprays, adhesives and sometimes coloring them the way India’s own Sand Sculpture Master Sudarshan Patnaik is famus for. The first picture above at this blog is his creation. For more sand sculptures by him please visit here.

Kansai- 2009 Tottori/Inaba Sand Festival

A series of festive events will be held for a year from April 2009 to March 2010 in the eastern part of Tottori Prefecture in commemoration of the opening of the Tottori Expressway. To commemorate the inauguration of the expressway, selected sand sculptors from various parts of the world will gather in spring at the Tottori Sand Dunes – the largest of their kind in Japan – for an opening event, the World Sand Festival. They will vie with one another for their prowess in the ‘World Sand Statue Championship at the Tottori Sand Dunes.’(photo above).

For more details visit here: Link-1, Link-2, Link-3, Video Link-4, Video Link-5, Exhibitions & Video Link-6, Video Link-7, Video Link-8, Video Link -9, Championship Video Link-10 and How to make Sand Sculpture Tutorial and a referernce Link- 9


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  1. Padmini,
    I am humbled, honored and touched. Your brief comment contains more than any praise. God bless you my child.

  2. great work of sand sculpting and great compilation of pics and great writing style… i rarely find writers who can group in all the techie stuff yet maintain the creative angle in the article and you do them both with ease..thank u for the article sir

  3. This is a very interesting & informative article Mr.Sharma. I have always felt that art forms like Sand scultpuring should be promoted more in our country.

    • Dear Malarvizhi Balaji, Wow great name!
      Thanks for the appreciation, in fact at Indian Blogger we endeavor to present every useful, unconventional and rare content in such a way that it would encourage the people involved in all the creative, imaginative and amazing activities. Specially I feel I should write on unusual topics that draw more traffic. Thanks for the comments. Welcome aboard.

  4. This is a very nice article. I have always been intrigued by sand sculpture, where the artists make a work of art knowing fully well it may not last even a day. A true labour of love!

    Our own home-grown variety at the Puri beach is also second to none!

  5. Amazing..

    I really admire the patience of these artists/ sculptors! (I mean, I start swearing when I have trouble aligning pics in my posts!)

    And to wake up one day and find that their hard work is gone must be so.. heartbreaking? I don’t know!

    And the article reminded me of two songs by Dido “Sand In My Shoes” and “Life For Rent”. In Life For Rent she sings “I have always thought that I would love to live by the sea, to travel the world alone and live more simply”

    Ok. Why am I just blabbering!?