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Faith in different forms,some gold, some bold….


History rolls out pages,
Scriptures speak volumes,
A delight to the eye’s view,
A relief to the hearts blue,
An architectural marvel is it?
No, a paradise on earth it is..

If I had to write about Punjab and the punjabis, I will sum it all up to these select words. Welcoming warmth and dishes to die for.

Strangers becoming friends, of shared meals and endless fun, I can rightly get it now why punjabis are called the true fun loving people.The endless energy,a constant flow of optimism and the never ending hard work just make these Indians the best in everything into which they set their foot in.

May be all my dear non-punjabi Indians are smiling to why there is so much shower of praise on these people. A week’s stay in their land has made me look at life from a new perspective.

I have not seen a single sardar beggar on the streets of Amritsar.Is it because it’s the holy city with a round the clock Langar freely feeding people? I don’t think so. People are so disciplined and hard working that they are just too ashamed to beg for their survival.

The Discipline is just too surprising. Traffic, queues at offices,stores, everywhere!!! People follow rules untold and unexplained as if it were a part of their Life.

Punctuality and orderliness, order of the day. May be the place where I went to and stayed, the institution was so, but I have noticed the same system every where around me.

It’s not some praising job that I am doing here. I only wish WE open our mind’s eye and learn from our dear siblings the way of Life.

May be the boldness in them comes from the gold that they have rested in their hearts, and in the heart of their holy city.  God Bless India


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2 Responses

  1. Nice capture and a very descriptive detail on the culture…looking forward to understand more cultures through the eye of these lens

  2. what a marvelous picture.Best wishes.