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Eating Habits that can Kill You

Two men get the same amount of calories everyday from what they eat. However, there is a slight difference in how they get those calories. While one relies on food like cereals, vegetables, fruits etc. the other eats mostly desserts, sweets and fatty food.

It is not difficult to say that the later person is more prone to heart problems, stomach ulcers, blood pressure etc. But what may be a revelation for you is that the second person is also 40 times more at risk of dying earlier than the first man.

This result has come from a 10 year long research conducted by the University of Maryland on almost 2500 people in the age of between 70 and 79. The researchers studied the eating patterns of these people and found out that most of us fall under one of the 6 eating pattern group. These are,

Healthy Food Eaters – Those who rely mostly on fruits, whole grains, fish, chicken and vegetables for their daily needs. They avoid eating red meat, fatty fried foods, high energy drinks, sweets etc.

Sweets and Dessert Eaters – Although many need a sweet after a meal, there are those who just cannot avoid a sweet even if their stomach says no. This category is for those who take desserts, chocolates, sweets, cakes, pies etc. in high quantity but avoid eating fruits and vegetables.

High-Fat Dairy Product Eaters –Those who can’t stay without the whole milk, have lots of milk, cheese and ice cream in their diet. They will maybe have another bowl of paneer but avoid the accompanying roti and rice.

Meat, Alcohol and Fried-Food Eaters – The late-night, party goers type who consume alcohol, beer, high energy drinks or even soft drinks frequently. They accompany it with fried food, fried chicken etc., nuts, rich pastas or rice dishes and eat very little of dairy products, cereals and fibres.

Cereal Eaters – This includes those who eat lots of cereals during breakfast and usually avoid the green leafy vegetables or the yellow vegetables. They also have low intake of nuts and refined grains.

Refined Grain Eaters – Those who like the processed food better than the raw material. Therefore they eat more of bread, chapattis, pooris, pastas, and processed meat like the sausages but do not eat whole grain products.

Of all these categories those who belonged to the high-fat dairy product and sweet and dessert group were the ones who were most prone to die earlier than others.

What the research tells us is once again, the goodness of a healthy diet and how the choices we make on the food table today are ultimately going to decide are life expectancy. An occasional sweet, a fried pakora is not bad but if you do make it part of your life everyday in every meal, chances are your body will not be able to take the torture for many years and will finally revolt either in the form of early attack of ailments or making you extremely weak very early in life.

Apart from the internal problems, it has also been seen that healthy food eaters have a better complexion, better looking skin and no wrinkles even as they age.

Your eating habits might kill you but if you are eating right the food might also give you many years of happy, and fulfilling life. The choice to make the right food decision lies with you.

See which food group you belong to and ensure that you are not the one who is killing a bit of yourself everyday because of what you eat.


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