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Do successful women scare men?

Successful women are daring, challenging towards males’ chauvinism and sharp witted.They have their own likes and dislikes and normally not cowered by the dictates of men. In post-independent India, women have gradually evolved themselves into a remarkable transition by taking over all the important assignments of males. Long back there was an interesting comment from the Air-chief Marshal of India. He quoted that a group of twenty NCC cadets were airborne to practice jumps from air by parachuting but surprisingly while all girls could jump only two boys out of ten could dare to do it.

These may be reasons for which males are afraid of triumphant fair-sex.

Successful women are tough-disciplinarians and task masters- Take the example of Kiran Bedi-the first woman Indian police officer. She has successfully inspired generations after her to be tough and disciplined with administration. Not only in Police service, there are umpteen cases of women leading in service and business. You can find similar cases in any nation where women have paid heavy prices to be successful in their endeavors.

Successful women are equally aggressive like men- Give tit for tat- they also follow this policy more than men. It would be gross wrong thinking to allot women only credit for peace. When it comes to war and blood shed female bravado acts equally well. The image of Mother Durga from epics, queen Jhansibai from History of our freedom fighting and role of Indira Gandhi in national and world security are brilliant tales of valor.

They also make fun of males’ stupidity- For ages in India men poked fun by laughing at females’ inanities. Perhaps this has remained the best possible weapon to mentally degrade them at any point of time. But now just watch the merit-list in any competition; you will find at least seven girls out of ten toppers. So now it is just the U-turn; women have begun laughing at the idiocy of men.

Of course it strikes men very hard when women jeer at them.

Women give serious second thoughts to inhibitions from relationship- Successful, qualified women are no longer bound by the inhibitions from relationships. For ages women remained imprisoned in their roles and served husbands, in-laws and near and dear ones meekly. Now-a-days they have begun to be more professional and refuse to accept the bindings from relationship. This is perhaps the first need of every performer.

Women seriously demand their lion’s shares in sex- Gone are the days when women played a very meek role in sex. The label of frigidity in sex on women is gone for good. Now women demand more personal enjoyment in their sexual lives and have shed off their earlier ‘sleeping partner” image for this.

Successful women are more resilient than men- In crisis, women are found to be more resilient than men. They are better performers being at the helm of affairs in a crisis-ridden situation. Let alone the national and international events, just give a thought to a family; how patiently a mother overcomes crisis and troubles everyday.

Families thrive on the sacrifice of the women.

Women no longer back off from taking revenge in self-determination- Be it very successful professionals or innocuous housewives, women now-a-days do not back off from taking revenge if they are challenged. Just before some days there was a heart-rending tale of this. A woman kept on suffering from atrocities of her husband for a long time. She was virtuous but her husband was a womanizer and a pimp. Unfortunately he began forcing his woman towards prostitution, for which she decided to act with determination. She set fire on her hubby and burnt him alive when he was sound asleep in the night. There have been increasing numbers of cases like this nationally and internationally.

Successful women love the heroic, self-deterministic, virtuous image of men- Women hate cowardice in the characters of men. If you look carefully behind every successful, daring man there has to be sacrifice and inspiration of women. History is replete with numerous examples with this. All the heroic figures like Mahatma Gandhi, Chatrapati Shivaji had greatest inspiration from their mothers.

Women hate extremely dominating nature in men- Successful women hate dominating and hedonistic nature in men. They appreciate the caring and sharing attitudes in men.

Bullish male attitudes are forever hated by successful, intelligent women.

They can match all creative and destructive traits in males- All the creative and destructive qualities of men are also found in the nature of women. Change in gender does not ensure virtuous qualities. It is your ficklest imagination that a woman always carries her characteristic good qualities.

Women are always successful- It is wrong to categorize woman as successful and unsuccessful. It is very well said that behind every successful man there is a woman. Credit of each success always goes to a woman whether admissible or not. True feminine qualities are always procreative towards success. God Ganesh-the most creative deity in the pantheon of millions of Gods and Goddesses in Hindu scripture, was incarnated from the dust of the body of mother Parvati by herself.

When the so-called manliness in males is shaped up by women, it would be grossly wrong to say men are scared by successful women. Men are sole creations of women.


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