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Do It Yourself – Face Massage

A good face massage can soothe away anxiety, headaches and exhaustion, to replace them with a feeling of serenity and well-being. It also benefits appearance, making people look younger. By improving the blood circulation, it gives a healthy and vibrant glow to the complexion. By relaxing taut muscles, it rids the face of that tired, pinched expression. So dramatic is its effect, that one can opt for a regular face massage instead of having a face-lift. Men don’t usually think of having a face massage, though they can benefit just as much as women. It is a simple way of removing worry and tension, even if only temporarily.

To give a good face massage, your hands must be relaxed, and your movements should feel flowing and confident. This needs experience, so either practice on your own face first, or try out the movements on your knee. Kneel behind your friend’s head and use fine face oil or an enriched face cream. Be sure to use enough lubrication to avoid dragging the skin. Check that your hands are clean, with no rough skin and that your nails aren’t so long that they scratch the face. Ask your friend to remove contact lenses if he/she wears them.

Use the initial stroking sequence throughout the massage to give continuity and link your movements from area to area.


1. This rhythmic stroke covers the entire face and spreads the oil. It should feel flowing and smooth, and initiates your friend to the massage. Start with your hands at the base of the neck, then sweep them up to the chin, using the whole surface of your hands. Pause for moment.
2. Stroke out under the jaw to the ears, molding your hands to the contours of the face. Pause for a moment with your palms resting over the ears, then glide your hands back down under the chin.
3. Stroke with your fingertips from the chin, round the mouth, to the nostrils (be careful not to block them). Continue stroking up the sides of the nose, pause just below the eyes, then glide out gently under the cheek-bones and up to the temples, the back down to the chin.
4. Stroke up the front of the face again, but this time continue up to the bridge of the nose. Pause, then stroke out across the forehead to the temples. Pause and press, then glide down to the chin. Do the whole sequence at least four times.

Cupping The Face:

1. Cup your hands over the face, with the palms on the forehead and the fingers over the mouth. Hold them there for a moment.
2. Press down very gently, then release the pressure and draw your hands out to the sides. Pause here for a moment, then repeat.

Neck Stroking:

Now work with both hands on one side. Stroke with one hand firmly up the neck from the shoulder to the ear, then lift it away and start stroking with the other hand on the same side. Repeat about six times on each side.

Massaging Cheeks:

1. Make small, upwards – circular movements all round the mouth with the tips of your middle fingers. Work with both hands simultaneously, and cross your thumbs to equalize the pressure of your hands.
2. Stroke with your fingertips from the upper lip, under the cheek-bones, to the ears. Then, with your fingertips, stroke from the lower lip to the ears. These movements help to prevent lines round the mouth.
3. With your hands facing each other on one cheek, loosely roll your fingers up under the cheek – bones with one hand following the other. This releases tension in the jaw, repeat on the other side.

Massaging Forehead:

1. Put your hands across the forehead, and press firmly with the first two fingers of each hand. Make zig-zag strokes with your hands moving towards each other. Start with a small movement, then enlarge it to cover the whole forehead.
2. This soothing movement is very effective for reducing tension and relieving headaches. Place your thumbs on the bridge of the nose. Stroke out to the temples and press gently. Repeat the stroke a little higher up and gradually cover the whole forehead up to the hairline.
3. Make circular pressures all over the forehead with your fingers or thumbs. Work with both hands simultaneously from the center to the temples, with smooth, rhythmic pressures. Upwards circles are energizing; downwards circles are soporific.

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