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Do Celebrities have moral obligations towards society?

Budding actress, dancer and model Yana Gupta went to international NGOs Event held at club millennium, Mumbai without wearing underwear. Creating publicity through such stunts is a common practice by the celebrities. Publicity is too badly needed to be within the eye-slots of fans. There are types of such gimmicks which make the celebrities darlings of media. Deliberately those are floated to bind the attention of masses and make sure of the adulation that the celebrities need to live off.

Be educated or uneducated, people take the publicity hypes as ideal instances to follow. Great characters of past and present even cut sorry figures in comparison to the respect, celebrities command over innocent people. In a subcontinent like ours, great characters like Mahatma Gandhi and Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru have less following than contemporary characters in films and crime. Ex-president of India, K.R. Narayan, once lamented that in India gangsters, mafia, and nude celebrities have begun enjoying the status of public heroes, while the great characters and nation makers are in oblivion.

Do the celebrities have the minimum social responsibility?

The presence of one celebrity on an occasion for a social cause is just an endorsement of it. In realty it is just the opposite. Their personal actions in real lives just paint a different tale. Celebrities in the past have been charged with hobnobbing with underworld figures, addiction, womanizing and fraudulent activities.

Celebrities- shadows of imagery- An interesting point that we come across in the books of Marketing, particularly in the chapter for Advertising and sales promotion is imagery. It means creating image of a product or concept with the stunts of publicity and advertising.

How would you believe if we tell you that there is a ghost under your bed?

We would naturally expect the word-“huh!” from your mouth. But prior to you retire to bed, if we show one of those saber-rattling, spooky films of horror or terror by the ghosts under the bed, you would of course lose sleep and believe the unbelievable.

Publicity measures work in the same measure to create craze and bring megabucks to the celebrities. They would show you what the idiosyncrasies of your mind want them to do secretly. Celebrities literally apply these stunts to work as formulas to help them to be in news and once they arouse your curiosity, you would of course not disagree to spend from your pocket to read about them and see their movies or works.

Controversy helps enormously to earn appreciation and be in the limelight. Creating publicity through deliberately created controversy is the order of the day for the celebrities.

What are the values our society seems to be imbibing from them? Just guess from the fact that in India, people have begun worshipping idols or photos of living celebrities by constructing their temples, whereas temples of the great spiritual heads were only established posthumously.

Celebrity’s lifestyle impresses people like anything-Teeming millions in our nation are swept off their feet by watching their life styles. Celebrities use seven types of luxurious cars on seven days of a week. They stay in fabulous houses and fly to Switzerland for holiday once they get a short break from their schedules. They use best designer clothes and travel by chartered or jet planes. They are the darlings of masses and media and keep on hogging lime-light for everything in their lives.

This is just the prevailing idea about their life-styles. You do not want to know the truth that what happens if somebody tumbles from a lofty status. What kind of dark miseries wait for the person who loses in the fiercely competitive world of stardom? Of course that will be a very depressing tale for you. It is true celebrities enjoy a flamboyant life style but they are always under severe pressure for time. Enjoyment is not a fitting term in the world which is fiercely competitive and insecure.

Drinking, smoking and addiction are most common among celebrities- Celebrities are mostly victims of drinking, smoking and addictions. In Mumbai there are cases against rash driving and killing innocent people sleeping on the footpath in the night by the celebrities. As offspring of established people, many celebrities had gone through treatment for addiction to drugs.

The dangerous thing is while off-screen, celebrities remain absorbed in the drinking binges and addiction, they also powerfully enact inebriations on-screen through their acting. This acts favorably to motivate masses to drink, smoke and get addicted to drugs. Inebriated acting on the silver screen keeps the celebrities in the memories of masses for a long time.

Connections with underworld mafia and politicians and scandals of sorts follow them like their shadows- Now it is an open secret that celebrities keep hobnobbing with underworld figures and political heavyweights to gain mileage in their careers. Sex and drugs feature regularly as scandals in their day-to-day living. Underworld helps them to gain movie offers and influence decisions in their favor.

This sends a wrong message to the masses. People take to this method as ethical means to achieve anything. Celebrities are treated as the icons of virtue. Whatever they do is implicitly followed by others. They make the youth follow unethical ways.

Break-up in relationship, extra-marital affairs and divorces keep on happening in the lives of celebrities- Image make-over is an important part in celebrity’s life. Mostly to keep their image on silver screen actors and actresses pair-off and then break up to set another equation in their images. Gradually this has engendered a thought in people that you can change partner as per suitability of love life. This is basically a wrong idea. Love does not stay in course of any true relationship. You must keep the understanding alive for a successful bond in relationship.

Extra marital affairs and consequent divorces and remarriages always keep the grapevine of rumor mill abuzz. It helps the on-screen image of celebrities to remain alive for a long time. In real life, living such a tumultuous life can be extremely pernicious for your life.

Celebrity status just feeds the surreal thinking in mind. Life can not be lived in imagery created like this.


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  1. Thank you Laxmi Rajesh

  2. wonderful srikantji…… it is true that celebrities should be committed to the society in the real sense and be worthier citizens and role models. …good work…..

  3. Dear Chandrakant,
    Thank you for your inspiring words.
    Srikant Mohanty

  4. Srikant, you are an intgelligent writer, and you are getting to the right pitch.