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Delhi Fumbles, Rio Shines

While India stutters with its Commonwealth games organising plans, there is an email circulating that reveals the grand plans of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil which will be the host city for 2016 Olympics.

It is believed that the organisers have planned to erect a grand Solar Powered Tower in the small island of Cotonduba in Guanabara Bay. Swiss design company RAFAA Architecture & Design have been chosen to accomplish the great task and one look at the design astounds, inspires and overwhelms you with their creative genius.

2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Solar Powered TowerThe tower is not merely an architectural structure; it is a message to the society facing the real challenges of a post oil era. The 344.5-foot tall (105 meters) Solar City Tower will be functioning like any other building, but will look like a water fall double the height of Niagra falls.

This solar energy generating tower will be using solar panels to produce electricity for the city and the Olympic village by day and by night the excess energy would be used to pump seawater into reservoirs at the top, so that it can be released as a spectacular waterfall. The falling water would also help turbines create electricity for the nighttime village.

Thus in one spectacular path breaking creation, the organisers would have created an urban water fall, a show stopper for the games, a sustainable energy source that can take the enormous burden of being host to so many sporting nations and will represent the judicial use of forces of nature for a more clean and green future.

2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro - Solar Powered TowerNeedless to say, the Solar City Tower if created would be a modern day marvel and to give people a more surreal experience it would also have an elevator to take visitors to the very top of the tower, where a “glass sky walk” would offer panoramic views of the surrounding harbor and Rio. There will even be a platform for bungee jumping and various other structures within the tower like an auditorium, cafeteria, shop and amphitheatre on the ground level.

The platform will also act as a stage for the opening and closing ceremony for the games.

If only we can learn

The Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro are 6 years away. The Commonwealth Games in Delhi are in 6 weeks. There is an excited murmur already about the supposedly first zero carbon footprint games that Rio is planning to host in 2016. There is a hushed silence about the visible ineptitude of Delhi in providing even the basic amenities of a decent stadium, accommodation and other facilities for the visitors.

Wouldn’t it have been great to see the same kind of excitement all over the world about the games being organised in Delhi and see people talk of something else other than the Taj Mahal when speaking of India? It would certainly have made India the centre of attention for the right reasons instead of showcasing its corruption and incompetence.

Mahatma Gandhi had once said, “You should be the change you want to see in the world.” The city of Rio de Janeiro surely listened and put that thought to practice, but are we listening to the father of the nation? Are we changing ourselves and atleast trying to change the world? It is really a matter to contemplate.


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2 Responses

  1. Thanks clk for your valuable comment. I do believe in all probability this might be an email hoax as you pointed out. But the design firm Raafa have the said designs and plans in their website. which is
    I agree absolutely that the plan is in papers, and might not see the light of day, but my point is, we did not see even a single Indian design firm trying to imagine something as great for the commonwealth when we did have the time and no doubt we had the talent.
    If the above mentioned solar powered tower does get erected, it would be a great inspiration for other designers to think out of the box.

  2. Hey – this is an internet “hoax”
    this tower is NOT contracted to be built – AT ALL.
    it was a “concept idea” proposed by a Zurich firm…
    but like “concept cars” – it is all about ‘ideas’ and not about really being built….

    this is NOT a “done deal” for the games.