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Dark Knees and Elbows – Turn them Fair

Skin is the last reporting post for the body mechanism. What is happening within the body is reported through the skin—mostly! Dark Knees and Elbows means, the dead cells of the skin have established a colony there, the most convenient place for them, for reasons that cannot be specifically explained but can be guessed. Elbow joints and the knee joints are used for the maximum number of times in a day. Skin in those areas takes the maximum number of beating and they turn black. Therefore, be considerate to these joints. The inner mechanism of the body has got to be perfect and for that a good diet system, based on natural ingredients, fiber-rich vegetables, skin-friendly fruits, less oils and spices is the answer. Nevertheless, these extra-skin developments in the form of dark patches can be controlled and eliminated to a great extent with certain procedures.

Dark knees and elbows are an eyesore, on a fair skin. Just keep a count tomorrow how many times in a day you bend your knees and use your elbows for day to day functions. If you are an office worker, you constantly graze the elbows, without being aware of, against the arms of the chairs and tables. Give these areas the same importance that you give to your face. Maintain them.

Tips to turn Dark Knees and Elbows fair

  1. Be kind to your knees and elbows. They have the problem of dark patches. Don’t cultivate ‘racial biases’ against them just because they are black. Think why they are black. You have turned them black.  They need some extra attention.
  2. Lemon juice is the traditional deterrent for anything that is dark due to its bleaching properties.  Take half of a lemon and apply its juice on the black portion of the knees and elbows and the skin around it. Do this exercise at night and leave the juice overnight.
  3. Make a cream of green tea and cocoa butter and scrub it daily.
  4. Kneel and pray but do it gently, not to put pressure on the dark patch of the knees.
  5. Most of the over-the-counter bleaching agents are harmful as they contain chemicals.  They may seem to deliver some immediate gains, but they damage the inner layer of the skin with no permanent solution to the problem. They may discolor the portion in the immediate vicinity of the dark patches.
  6. Drink herbal tea and lots of water. This will promote the skin health. When the overall skin health is taken care of, the dark patches have to beat the retreat.
  7. Make a paste of milk cream, 3 drops of basil extract and a dash of turmeric.  Apply and leave it overnight. Good results can be expected if this treatment is done on a regular basis.
  8. Apply the mixture of coconut oil and half tea spoonful of lime juice on the dark patches. Dip a towel in hot water and scrub the patches applying mild force. Make treating the elbows and knees a regular habit. You will experience the benefits in due course.
  9. Make a paste of gram flour and curd. It is a good defoliant.  Scrub it on the patch clockwise for some time. Leave for a while and let it dry. Wash it with lukewarm water. Apply coconut oil and leave it.
  10. Use honey for massaging the black patches. Ensure that it is pure honey, to prevent the chances of further damage to the skin.
  11. Aloe Vera gel is skin-friendly; use it extensively on the dark patches of knees and elbows.
  12. Application of paste of basil leaves is helpful.
  13. Massage the entire body with coconut oil, with extra emphasis on the knees and elbows.
  14. Choose good glycerin soap and try it on the black patches. Never use hard soaps on the skin.
  15. Mix coconut oil and walnut powder and massage the black patches.
  16. Avoid skin bleaches scrupulously.

Skin is the most delicate and exposed part of the body. Have a thoughtful scheme to maintain it.


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