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Controlling Diabetes without medication

Diabetes is a disease that can give rise to many serious issues in life. Though Type 1 Diabetes cannot be managed without medication, Type 2 can be effectively controlled without any medication at all. People often complain that diabetes is a troublesome disease. It is quite hard to get along with diabetes since it greatly affects the normal lifestyle of a person. But if desirable changes can be effected, a diabetic can lead a problem-free life.

Worrying a lot about the disease is the first thing to be avoided. Have confidence in yourself and believe that the disease is within your control. Then set your mind to fight it. You can consider the tips mentioned below to control diabetes fruitfully.


  • Formulate a diabetic-friendly diet-Diet management is the most essential factor that can put a check on increased blood sugar levels. Don’t get confused with the term ‘diabetic-friendly’. It only means that your diet should be rich in whole grains, fruits, vegetables and proteins. You may consult a dietitian to finalize on the list.
  • Have your food on time- Eating on a proper schedule can effectively control sugar levels. Avoid the habit of eating when you feel like eating and fix onto regular timings. Minimize snacks and sweets. It is crucial to make a wise choice of the food you eat to keep the sugar level from rising.
  • Protein in the place of carbohydrates- Consumption of food that is rich in carbohydrates should be reduced to the lowest since it can release a lot of sugar into the blood stream. So choose protein in the place of carbohydrates to avoid such a situation. Moreover, protein-rich food would control your hunger too.
  • Take small meals- Have your food in small portions. Bulk meals can definitely increase the sugar levels and make you tired. Even if you prefer occasional delicacies, make sure to have it in small portions.
  • Avoid sweetened, preservative and canned food- Prefer home-made, freshly cooked meals. Sweeteners and preservatives can increase not only the blood sugar but also the blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It can also promote obesity, which is not at all good for a diabetic.
  • Include fiber-rich food- Food rich in fiber is ideal for a diabetic. So include wheat barn and oats in your diet list. Fruits and vegetables are natural sources of fiber. Don’t forget to have leafy vegetables once daily.
  • Drink lots of water- Drinking several glasses of water everyday can incredibly reduce blood sugar. Refrain from soft drinks and make it a point to drink water.
  • Regular exercise- As always, the mantra of exercise is mandatory. Though it’s hard to get into a routine of exercise, it’s really beneficial if you could stick to it. So try to make your exercise an interesting activity. You may ask your trainer to suggest ideal exercises for you.
  • Wear the right footwear- Most of the diabetics complain about leg pain or associated problems. This occurs due the reduced circulation of blood in the legs; especially in the feet. To alleviate such troubles, wear the shoes that suit you the best and take good care of your feet. Exercising regularly can increase blood circulation in the legs.

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