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Common ‘Wealth’ Games..?

The Commonwealth games have become a mockery not just for international media, but for the Indian Hinglis media as well.  But the way the Hinglis media accusses every CWG OC official, but dare not speak about Suresh Kalmadi and more important Mr.Manmohan Singh is really unnerving.

Where does the buck stop for these games..?

No it is not Suresh Kalmadi. It is Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Manmohan Singh alone. The media has been agog with all the corruption stories and malpractices in CWG for a long time now. PM MMS did not even step in or show his face.  Now when the blame game starts, we all know who the scape goat is.

It is going to be the poor CWG OC secretaries and Suresh Kalmadi. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his Government will simply walk away from this crime committed on this nation.

Well, to begin with, I am not the one who believes this Commonwealth Games is about the prestige of India. CWG has nothing to do with India. India can find better uses for Rs.70000 crore being spent on Rulers of India, in the name of CWG.

Our farmlands in TamilNadu are thirsting for water. Agriculture in our villages is dying a slow death due to paucity of water. If 70000 crore could have been used to lay pipelines along the east coast of India to bring the ganges and Brahmaputra water emptying into Bay of Bengal into southern states and network the rivers through water pipelines laid over the ground and under the ground, we would have got water.

If this 70000 crore has been spent on improving quality of education in colleges and schools, we would have a better future India. If this has been spent on Chandrayan II or III or some space program that helps map and save our mineral resources, we would be having greater control of resources and technologies in India.

A country that has NO indigenous technology of its own in future technologies such as fuel cells,  nano-technology, tissue engineering, a country that lacks even basic technology to produce a single hardware chipset even in the range of 8085 processor (leave alone computers), a country that has 70% of population living hand to mouth existence  not able to afford costs of education and healthcare, a country where malnutrition kills people in thousands has no right to dump 70,000 crores in cement, bricks, furnitures in the name of games.

The fact is this money has been looted by the rulers of this country. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is the first person who has to take responsibility for this, as his government knew the mess long back but did not act to clean it up.

PrimeMinister Manmohan Singh showed his ineffectiveness as a Prime Minister. He left the nation in its hour of need and chose not to react at all. He let the international community to ridicule us. He has made India  the butt of jokes. His Government might have succeeded in making the media to blame Suresh Kalmadi alone. But Manmohan Singh has to answer for this mess, to the people of India, at an appropriate time.

The people who looted this CWG money should know they have the blood of 80+ workers killed in the accidents that happened in the constructions for CWG, due to inferior quality of construction.

CWG failed on several counts. Here is what i think they are:

  • I still remember Asiad games, in which there was a great campaign to invoke a national fervor. CWG did not evoke any such national fervor at all.
  • CWG should have been run professionally with accurate systems, processes and procedures. Instead it was run as a party affair in which the prime motive was to loot the 70000 crores for political expenses.
  • Of course any great event will have last minute hiccups and bottlenecks. To manage it there should have been great many teams and organizations that are ‘visibly’ inter-working and sharing responsibilities. There should have been a big team in place to co-ordinate and run the entire event. Here the entire event is managed by a ‘hand-picked’ coterie of people for pure political gain. So it is easy to pin-point and magnify even small issues into big ones.
  • Neither the players gained. Nor the people gained. Neither the games and sports bodies gained. Nor the government gained. Gain was all for a few people with political connections to ruling party. Loss was for the entire nation.
  • CWG has re-inforced the idea that India is a third world country shitting in the streets. While there is nothing false in that idea, spending 70,000 crores to market this shit image to the world cannot be excused.

Still I believe, since this circus has been started, it should come to a good close. Though the CWG is of no use to real India, I hope it passes off without much of troubles. It is simply impossible to stop the defects in buildings, hygiene or athlete tracks at this point of time.

The Government of India can do only one thing. It should descend an army of media managers into all the Television Channels of the world through various marketing agencies and spin-doctor this while CWG exercise as happening as better than expected.

This way some prestige can be resolved. This will also act as a morale booster for the Indian players and all those people who worked sincerely for the success of these games.

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3 Responses

  1. hi ..hi..what a shame, probably ‘militants’ have ‘shat’ poor we Indians cannot do any think, every
    MP / MLA should we put in their face…..dr.sheila dug-shit !

  2. Dear Padmini,

    Thanks for ur comments and compliments.

    I think this episode cannot be blamed on ‘chalta hai’ attitude or their callousness towards quality.

    If India’s space program, defense program and nuclear program are conducted like CWG, can we still blame it on general Indian attitude towards quality and concerned agencies can escape blame..?

    The CWG fiasco is 100% a fault of the Manmohan Singh administration and shows how irresponsible they have been.

    Ofcourse media and spin-doctors will try to deflect the blame towards every other person.

    No amount of Gloss that we put on it, can cover this fault.


  3. TBT,

    well presented. The worst pathetic attitude is of the common man where he/she refuses to raise voice against small issues. All these every day small events lead to such a sorry face of our nation when the time comes for a collective effort.
    Yesterday have seen a FB update by a co-club memeber who was lashing out against the ruling party for the CWG scam. That person was one of the major “politician type” candidate when a small mis understanding croped up in the club a couple of years ago. The prime minister we let him be . It is the common man who has to realize not the politicians. Indians have to loose their casualness towards life and responsibility. May be in the long run that realization can make us Indians stand tall with pride for the achievements and accomplishments as a nation.