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Clever Tricks to Lose Weight Without Dieting

You do not need to skip on the burger, sweets and pies to look good and lose weight. You can eat all that and more if you try these clever tricks instead,

Set Timer for your Meals

Eat whatever you want but set a timer of 20 minutes. Also ensure that you chew each morsel slowly and completely before taking the other. This practice allows you to eat and still not over eat. To make a more systematic effort, try and put a time to every portion of the meal – The starter 5 minutes, the main course 10 minutes and the dessert again 5 minutes. It might seem a difficult practice to start with but with time it will become a habit to eat less for a longer time and reduce your unnecessary intake.

Place more Veggies in the Plate

To add more bulk to your plate instead of increasing the portion of the roti, rice or desserts, try and include a bigger salad, more than two varieties of vegetables and may be a fruit. When there is more on the plate, you tend to eat more but because these are all things that add to the fiber and water need of your body, they will not lead to weight gain.

Soup it up

Soups are healthy, tasty and lot of fun as they help curb your appetite leading you to eat less and weigh less later. Add a soup to your diet, if possible everyday during dinner. The soups make the body feel full and satisfied in the very beginning of the meal and thus lead you to eat less of the fattening stuff. But do make sure that the soup itself is not laden with cream but a more clear broth.

Look for a Reward

A dress a bit tight is perfect motivator for a person who wants to lose the extra kilos. If you have a favorite dress that you do not get into nowadays or you saw one at the shop. Now is the time to buy it and hang it at a prominent location that you see every day. You can also buy jeans one size less so that it is an easier goal to accomplish and you achieve it sooner.

Choose Veg. over Non- Veg.

If you are really craving for a burger or a pizza, choose the veg. variety than the non veg. This simple choice reduces almost 100 calorie intake and also gives your body more roughage. Go light on the cheese and if you are making a burger at home, try using hung curd as a dressing instead of the mayonnaise. It tastes as good and weighs much less.

Sip in a Tall, Thin Glass

When choosing a glass for a cold drink, go for the tall and thin glas instead of the small and fat one. This simple trick leads to your pouring less of the aerated and calorie high drink into the glass and thus without dieting you will be drinking 25-30% less.

Eat at home

Noodles, pizzas, burgers, pastas can all be made at home even our desi favorites – butter chicken or matar paneer. The home versions do not come with the extra addition of oil, dry fruits, and therefore are much healthier. You can also opt for the leaner meat, tofu instead of paneer and no extra cheese toppings. This means enjoying the same delicious food without the added calories.

Trick the Restaurant Food

If you are eating out there are still a few things you can do to avoid the extra calories. First order a kid’s meal that is smaller than the usual adult serving. If that is not available try and order the starters as the main course meal. Also order a soup surely. Do not order individual dishes if you are going with someone and share as much as you can. E.g. if it is an Indian thali you are ordering you can easily ask for 1 plate for two and share.

Go for the Smaller Plate

If you shrink your plate size from 12 inches to 10 inches, you could be eating 15 percent less of food. It is a psychological affect that acts very well in reducing weight. With larger plates we tend to load the plate more with food than with smaller plates.

Burn 100 Calories more a day

Walk for 20 minutes, jog for 10 minutes, tend the garden for 20 minutes or do house cleaning for 15 minutes. All these activities are regular chores that will help you lose 100 calories extra day. No vigorous routines, just a little push to the body can make it more agile and help lose fat faster.

It is thus possible to enjoy everything good in life and still look healthy and fat-free. Chuck the diet and adopt these practices to feel good and stay fit.


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4 Responses

  1. Atula, Such nice and simple things to follow. you should also be mentioning a bit about what I term the ” Inertia of Rest and Non Initiation” Syndrome :) despite so much diet and fitness counselling patients come back to me with ‘ I am definetely going to start from tomorrow’ line :)

  2. Good practical suggestions, to keep the Doctors unemployed!