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Boring Jobless People..

LKAThe party of the Boring Jobless People, that is the main opposition party of India has been hit by Alzheimers at an young age. Though the party itself is young, all its leaders have gone grey and bald beyond redemption.

Otherwise why they should be acting like drunken monkeys..?

The Government of the day is committing blunder after blunder. It is lax. It is non-responsive.

Irrespective of the orchestrated denial of WHO representatives,  who portray the State Government as villains and the Central Government as Good Samaritan, the Swine-flu handling of Central Government has been lax, to say the least. It was least prepared and that laxity will show more and more out, if the virus comes out in more virulent forms, as the temperature cools down in the coming days.

Drought is staring over the country. Rice and Dhal prices have sky-rocketed. Almost every section of people have started to feel the pinch of the price-rise. Unemployment is also staring at India heavily. Almost nil new employment generation has happened since this government came back to power.

National resources of this country, the Godhavari basin gas is being allowed to be looted by private parties. The Big Brothers are fighting their wars through the Oil Ministry and Finance Ministry, while common Indians are left gaping at the scale of money being talked about. All the energy focus of this Government that came out during the Indo US Nuclear Deal is gone. In fact the Indo US Nuclear Deal is almost dead.

Lower Middle Class and poor people are definitely unhappy.

Even the rich and Upper Middle-class are not satisfied. The kind of infrastructure investment that needs to happen inside India is not happening. Government has been lax and concentrating more on doling out rather than promoting real growth.

And the main opposition party is busy fighting itself. In particular between the paper tigers of this party, there has been a continuous fight in front of cameras. The main opposition party is busy scratching its head out, literally showing out its bloodied brain!.

This party of the Boring Jobless People relied a lot more on paper tigers who live in front of cameras and in newspapers for too long. Most of such leaders cannot even get back their deposits in an election. It is doubtful if their spouses would vote for them. But then they were the leaders of the party in front of the TV cameras.

Though in every party there are paper tigers, this was the only party with a very high share of Boring Jobless people. These people regularly plant stories, pass on ‘insider’ information etc to the media, in return for more coverage on TV and print-media. Now that is showing its true colors for the party.

As I often say, we need strong right, strong left and strong center in India. Only this balance of forces can give us appropriate course correction and prevent us from running away in one direction.

India already has a strongly centric congress and I can see it becoming younger over a period.  India needs BJP to live. And India needs a young one at that. India also needs the Left and Communists to live.  India also need them younger. Only then our democracy will be truly representative, given all its diversities.

I have only one request to these bloodied brain leaders.

“Most of you have anyway finished your life. If at all India needs your party, it is not for your leadership.  It is for the future leadership of your party. So please don’t kill it. Allow it to survive.

Handover to the REAL young ones, though they may be in-experienced. And guide them from the background.  Remember politics is not about coming to power in an election. It is about setting up forces that course-correct the society in the long-run!”



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4 Responses

  1. yeah we need combination of things of left right and center
    but with one (Congress) in power ,other(Bjp) in opposition and another LEFT distant far from power ,it may not work as u said.How about having a Government something like a Third Front which could be a All in One ?

  2. Dear Debomita

    Thanks for ur comments.

    Dear Anand

    Thanks for ur comments.


  3. Very rightly said. It is unfortunate when we are faced with some grim problems like the drought on one side and the epidemics taking their toll, the Opposition Party to whom we look up to, to provide the checks and question the Govt, is busy cleaning its dirty linen in public.

    Though a young party, it is definitely not a party of the Young. The old are refusing to yield the ground and even if they do, the next rung that is ready to pounce on the chairs are busy looking at their rivals within, far from worrying about factors without…

  4. very truely said the hard truths…