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Best Gaming Keyboards

Professional gamers spend most of their time daily on the keyboard they use. Obviously, for them it is worthwhile to invest a decent amount of money on a good keyboard dedicated exclusively for gaming. Such keyboards are normally very easy to use and handle. Keeping in mind their requirements, wants and needs, various keyboards with various specifications have been developed till date, whose sole purpose is to serve gamers. Here I compare the top 5 gaming keyboards.

Optimux Maximus – This is the most expensive keyboard ever made ($1600) and most gamers are unable to afford it. It is also the most innovative gaming keyboard ever. Each key has its unique OLED display. This enables gamers to customize each key as per their requirement to various setups i.e at any point of time you can change the QWERTY kind of display to gaming type of display. Moreover, these keys are fully coloured and completely customizable.

Razer Tarantula – The Razer Tarantula is specially designed for non-stop gamers. It has the antighosting feature enabling gamers to press around 10 keys at the same time without causing the system or signals to fail. The keyboard comes with memory space to save profiles and has a reaction time of less than 1ms. Compared to the 6 programmable keys in the Logitech G-15, this one has 10. Also, there are 2 USB ports and facilities to enable playing in the dark. It also has space for accessories in the form of a battle dock plus a dock for webcam if required. This costs slightly above $100.

Logitech G-15 – The Logitech G-15 is an excellent gaming keyboard with backlit keys enabling playing in the dark. It has a detachable palm rest and a LCD for displaying the system information, game statistics and available servers at that moment. Moreover, it also has six keys which are fully programmable for macros. There are side grooves which prevent blockage due to wires and cables of any kind. It also has instant media access and costs around $100.

Microsoft-Razer Reclusa – As the name suggests, this keyboard has been developed jointly by Microsoft and Razer. It has quite a lot of interesting features- 2ms response time, backlit keys, six programmable buttons and 4 bumper buttons, two 360 degree jog dials and a self-adjusting wrist rest. Like the G-15 it has provision for preventing cable blockage. It costs just under $70.

Saitek Cyborg – The design of this keyboard is unique in a way that it is angular and the backlit keys can be viewed in different colours the way you want. There is a control panel sensitive to touch and 12 programmable keys. It is quite sturdy because of keys that are metal plated. There is also a USB port for connecting headphones etc as well as a self-adjusting wrist rest. It costs just under $70.

Bottom-line – As a gamer, you have a lot of keyboards to choose from; not only the ones I mentioned above but many many more. Basically, everything boils down to the games you play, your handling of the keyboard and finally your budget!


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